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20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To Pitt

20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To Pitt

The University of Pittsburgh is full of awesome students and plenty of things to do! These are a few things that you will only understand if you go to Pitt!
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Going to Pitt was the best decision I have ever made, and I’ve gotten the chance to make some of the best memories! Just a warning, if you don’t go to Pitt, you might not have a clue what I’m talking about in these next 20 points… And just a precursor: most of these are about food. #Sorrynotsorry So here are 20 things you will only understand if you go to Pitt!

1. Primantis

When you visit Pitt, every Pathfinder talks about Primantis. It’s one of the treasures of Pittsburgh. Its. So. Good. But when you’re a broke college student, odds are you won’t go there. We know who the prospective students are when we see smiling faces willingly enter that building at 12 PM. I’ve only ever seen students go in there when they were drunk and needed food to sober up.


2. Crazy Mocha

Everyone always wants Starbucks or Dunkin. Well let me tell you, this is THE hidden treasure of Oakland if you love coffee.

3. The O’

My parents went to Pitt, and they always told me about the fries at “The Dirty O’.” The line of customers goes out the door on Friday and Saturday nights. Their fries are heaven. I haven’t had better French fries in my entire life.


4. Bouquet

If you win the housing lottery and have your choice in living arrangements, don’t blink an eye before selecting Bouquet. My friends are living there this year, and I’m extremely jealous.

5. “Walk sign is on to cross Fifth”

There are memes about this. Don’t look them up.


6. Upper Campus vs. Lower

Everyone has their preference, and everyone HAS to make it known. I like upper campus way more than lower, but that’s because I’m from Kentucky and it feels more secluded on upper.

7. Flagstaff Hill

We love every sunny day we can get in Pittsburgh. If its 70 or warmer, you’ll be sure to see students sun-bathing on Soldiers and Sailor’s lawn or trekking it out to Flagstaff Hill.

8. Panther Hollow

Ha… I can’t explain this one, but you’ll figure it out.


9. Cathedral of Learning

Cathy. Her name is Cathy.

10. Chevron

It was so hard to find when I got to Pitt. Some upperclassmen told me it was on upper campus and I walked for an HOUR before realizing it wasn’t. I don’t like Chevron. It’s a really ugly building, and there aren’t many places to study there.

11. Cardiac Hill

Apparently a professor died walking up this hill? I am not sure I believe that, but it is incredibly annoying to climb–and when I say climb, I mean CLIMB.


12. Towers Lobby

If I have one more pamphlet shoved at me…

Towers lobby is the epicenter for tabling. Clubs and organizations bombard students with free bracelets and trinkets to get more members.

13. We don’t like Carnegie

I mean, we tolerate them…I guess. They seem to think they’re better than us, which is false. Pitt is lit.


14. The Rivals

I don’t even want to say that school’s name. Just know we hate them, and have a chant to prove it.

15. Protesting

So. Many. Protests.

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There was one during FINALS WEEK. Like COME ON! I’m all for sticking it to the man, but can you guys be quieter? These exams will make or break our grades.


16. Conflict Kitchen


17. Market

I think I went there less than 20 times. If you can make the trip to upper campus, the Perch has better food.

18. 10A Shuttles

The 2 PM rush though…


19. Football Games

Heinz Field is so nice. Who else can say their college team plays on an NFL field?

20. Yinzers

*smiles* Yinz will love Pitt.

These are 20 things you will only understand if you go to Pitt! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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