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20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To Liberty University

20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To Liberty University

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LU is certainly conservative, which brings about seemingly foreign terms to freshmen and non-students alike. Just about everyone who goes to Liberty loves the environment and adapts to the lingo and “The Liberty Way” of doing things. From curfew checks to CFAW, some things make Liberty stand out like a sore thumb. Here’s some things you only understand if you go to Liberty University.

1. “Ring by Spring”

This is a given, but definitely worth mentioning, as the phrase is so unique to the LU culture. However, the reality of getting a Ring by Spring is unattainable for most, so students are still puzzled as how this “tradition” came to be.

2. Convo

Other schools might have chapel, but they don’t have the variety of speakers and music that LU has.



3. PK

The abbreviation for “Preacher’s Kid” is officially in every student’s vocabulary.

4. DeMoss changes every week.

Whether it’s simply trying to find that classroom when using a different entrance or finding a new shortcut, DeMoss is NEVER the same as it was a week ago. LU is constantly putting up and taking down walls, adding onto the building, and taking ceilings down. Not to mention the lack of AC…didn’t realize we would all be sweating so much when it’s only 40 degrees outside!


5. You know what a “flame” is.

Only Liberty students know that a flame is a flock of eagles.

6. Room Checks are the Devil.

Nothing’s worse than running out of warnings and having to pay $4 for not making your bed.

7. Professors are ALWAYS trying to set students up with each other.

Especially psych and Bible professors. Heck, they even offer to pay for the date and ENCOURAGE dating. Not many other schools do this.


8. “Community service is a healthy part of Christianity.”

Is it, though? Most students are only doing community service to get their CSER credit to graduate.

9. “Seagull”

For those who don’t go to LU, it stands for CGL (Community Group Leader), a person who leads a prayer group.

10. “The Rot”

Normally when people refer to Rot food, it means the same as rotten food. If the name fits…


11. Wednesday curfew is the WORST!

After going to Campus Community, and having curfew just a few minutes after CC ends, it’s worth wondering why Wednesdays were picked to have the earliest curfew. The whole night is gone before it even began.


If you don’t know what this is, you’re either a freshman or you don’t go to LU. It’s almost like a rite of passage.



13. Convo speakers consist of politicians, musicians, authors, pastors, and athletes.

If the speaker doesn’t fit into this category, then you’re probably lying to yourself.

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14. Nose rings are the mix between a fashion statement and rebellion.

We all have that one friend who thought it would be so cool to get her (or his) nose pierced because LU liberalized the Liberty Way a little. At this point, roughly one third of the campus has either their nose or their cartilage pierced.


15. LU males wear jewelry, too.

Just about all of the guys at LU have a ring on their finger, be it a purity ring or a wedding band. The purity rings, in particular, make it hard to discern who is single versus who is actually married. #singlestruggles

16. The smoke detectors are uber sensitive.

Sometimes the alarm goes off for an actual reason, but usually it goes off to ensure that everyone at Commons has their 10,000 steps and at least 5 flights for the day.

17. Random music sessions are normal.

Top spots to catch a free concert: behind the Science Hall, DeMoss stairwell right before the rooftop entrance, in the tunnel to East (AKA Tunnel Worship), and in front of Starbucks and the library


18. CFAW

College for a Weekend is exclusive to LU, and the parking these weekends is nonexistent. So much for your plans of heading to cookout, as it’ll take you three times as long to find a parking spot IF YOU’RE LUCKY!

19. Hockey is more of a social gathering than a sport.

Let’s be realistic – maybe 1/5 of the students are actually watching. Everyone else is just playing on their iPhones waiting for a goal or a fight.

20. “Closer” is basically the school’s theme song.

Pretty sure there isn’t a single sporting event that doesn’t play this song. Forget the LU songs..



Are there any other things you only understand if you go to Liberty University? Comment below!
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