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5 Things You Never Knew About the Relaxing Power of Binaural Beats

At one point or another, you have probably heard how much power music can have on the human mind. This goes without saying. Even without lyrics, music can relax, energize, or even depress us. But have you ever considered the power of binaural beats to relax your mind? Not just so you can have a calming feeling, but to open your mind up to methodically and permanently calm yourself down. If you have never heard of binaural beats, then I am beyond excited to introduce you to the immense healing power they can have on your mind and body. And believe me, once you try them, you will never turn back. They are that effective. Here are five things that you never knew about the relaxing power of binaural beats.

1. They will relax you.

This is the title of this article, after all. This is one of the primary reasons that people use binaural beats. Binaural beats are two different frequencies coming from separate earbuds that create one effect on the mind. Lower frequencies can help to soothe your mind and get you to a place where you can think clearly and mindfully calm yourself down. It’s best to listen to these binaural beats after a long day has left you unbearably stressed out.

2. They will improve your concentration.

Higher frequencies, on the other hand, help you use the entire brain to think and not just the left or right side. This doesn’t mean that you will become a genius at a subject that your brain isn’t naturally programmed to comprehend—or even enjoy, for that matter—but it will help you tap into the brainpower that you never trained yourself to use before. This is a lesser-known but powerful thing you never knew about binaural beats: when you use them to study, your concentration and information intake will improve.

3. They can heal parts of your body.

This is an amazing thing you never knew about binaural beats. Binaural beats, as mentioned before, directly affect how our brain takes in the sound. When this happens, our entire nervous system is affected and healing is initiated. Within the range of frequencies, from the lowest to the highest, is a special power that can gives your body a vibrational massage. This includes your muscles, tissues, and even cells. Use binaural beats to ease your migraines, neck and back pain, etc.

4. They can help you dream.

An untapped fact about binaural beats is that—because they have such a relaxing, healing power—they also induce dreams. Really. Whether you have anxiety, insomnia, or just can’t get your brain to stop thinking at a million miles an hour when you’re trying to rest, you should try soothing binaural beats. You can find some online that run for about eight hours while you get a peaceful sleep.

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5. They can help you navigate your mind.

You wouldn’t believe how many thoughts go through your head each day—some good, some harmful. When you start to calm down, you become more aware of how chatty your thoughts really are. You need to slow them down and control them to be exactly what you want to think. If you think this is hard…you’re right. We’ve been programmed to tell ourselves things that are self-harming, but we’re not aware we how often we tell ourselves these things. If you do not control them, your thought life can become your own worst enemy, and it takes a lot of mental stamina to grasp them and guide them the way you want them to go. It’s about putting yourself back in control of your mind. Your mind should not control you.


You should give yourself about fifteen to twenty minutes to get the full benefit of binaural beats. Remember to be patient (lasting results will not happen if you only use them once) and always use stereo headphones. You need to think about allowing your body to relax instead of telling it that it needs to relax. Keep in mind that this is about training your mind to think in a different way and not about elevating yourself to some higher power. When you are relaxed, you are able to think much clearer and can explore possibilities that you never have before. Whether you knew it or not, this is the relaxing power of binaural beats, and, if you choose, it is yours to access at will.

Do you have a story about binaural beats? We wanna hear, so leave it in the comments below!

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