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20 Things You Need To Survive The Winter In College

20 Things You Need To Survive The Winter In College

Winter is upon us, that means cold snowy days and even colder nights. While winter is a magical time, there are some things you need to survive the winter, especially when you’re making the trek across campus in a blizzard, or when we need to be entertained as we lock ourselves in our dorm rooms while the snow comes down. Luckily, good old Amazon always has us students covered with only the best things you could possibly need and that awesome 2-day Prime shipping! Below are 20 things you need to survive the winter!

1. A Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket To Keep Those Legs Warm.

What better to channel your inner mermaid than to cozy up in this amazing blanket? And it is totally Instagram worthy!


2. Cute And Cozy Emoji Slippers.

No matter how much you crank up your heater, somehow your feet are always cold. Keep them cozy in these cute emoji slippers!

3. The Most Adorable USB Hand Warmers You’ve Ever Seen.

All you want to do is curl up and watch Netflix, but sadly, professors are still demanding essays. But don’t worry about your hands getting cold, you can use these toasty USB hand warmers.


4. A Pair Of Cable Knit Mittens.

Walking from class to class can get almost unbearably cold! Keep your hands warm in these adorable fleece lined, cable knit mittens.

5. A Cute Pom Beanie.

What’s the great thing about winter? It’s beanie season! Check out these beanies with oh-so-cute fuzzy poms on top.


6. Some Soothing Coconut Oil Lotion.

Winter can do some serious damage to your skin. Take some time and pamper your skin with this moisturizing coconut lotion.

7. Some Yummy Exfoliating Peppermint Lip Scrub.

Let’s not forget how winter can leave lips feeling chapped and sore. Use this peppermint lip scrub to keep your lips soft and kissable all winter long.


8. A Knit Headband To Keep Your Ears Warm.

Want the warmth of the beanie, without hiding a great hair day? This knit headband is perfect for you, and knit headbands are totally in right now!


9. An Insulated Coffee Mug Because No One Likes Room Temp Coffee.

What is college without coffee? Carry around your coffee in a cute insulated re-usable tumbler like this one!

10. An Adult Coloring Book For The Lazy Days.

Being pent up in your dorm room can get boring after a while. If you are missing summer, channel those beach vibes with an ocean themed adult coloring book.



11. A Pair Of Baggy Sweatpants To Lounge Around In.

Another great thing about winter is that wearing sweats every day is completely acceptable, considering it is way too cold to be wearing anything else.


12. A Personal Coffee Maker.

Sometimes the walk to the campus coffee shop is not worth it in the winter weather. If you don’t already have one of these, I highly recommend investing in one!


13. Fuzzy Boots Because We All Need A Cute Pair.

This is a must in everyone’s wardrobe, because let’s be honest they are the socially acceptable version of wearing slippers in public.

14. A Trendy Winter Vest To Look Good Even In Freezing Temps.

Vests are amazing; it’s the warmth of a winter coat without the full commitment to being a human marshmallow.


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15. A Good Highlighter To Glow Even In The Winter.

If you’re missing that summer “glow” in the winter months, this highlighter will give you that perfect golden glow that you are looking for!


16. The Cards Against Humanity Game Is A Must-Have.

After all the time spent cuddling in the dorm, you and your hall mates will want to have some laughs all together. What better way than this hilarious, and slightly dirty card game?


17. A Pair Of Fleece Lined Leggings.

Let’s be honest, wearing leggings is the most comfortable state a girl can be in. And trust me, if those leggings are fleece lined, you will never want to take them off.

18. A Boyfriend Pillow For All The Single Ladies.

All anyone wants to do in the winter is cuddle. For those of you who are fabulously single during this season, don’t worry, Amazon has your back with this boyfriend pillow. I always knew I could count on you, Amazon.


19. A Slouchy Sweater.

Look cute and be comfy at the same time in this adorable slouchy sweater! It comes in beige and grey.


20. A Guide on How to be an Adult.

Take some of your down time this season to cozy up under the blankets and read a book. Check out this one that helps figure out this whole adulating thing.

Do you have any other ideas for things you need to survive the winter in college? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.