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20 Things You Need To Make College Move In Day Super Easy

20 Things You Need To Make College Move In Day Super Easy

College move in day can seem super overwhelming and stressful. Here are 20 things that will make college move in day super easy and stress free.

1. Clorox Wipes

Your dorm will definitely be cleaned before you get there, but there might be some residual dust or dirt left over. Bringing some wipes for your desk and bed is a great idea to make sure everything is clean and ready.

2. Vacuum

Another necessity to make sure your room is ready to move in, having a mini vacuum is a great way to make sure everything is clean. This is also perfect for keeping on hand during your semester, as it is easy to store and use whenever you need to clean your dorm.


3. Measuring Tape

This is something that may be easy to forget, but can be super useful for move in day. If you are thinking of rearranging any furniture, it can be super useful to have a measuring tape.

4. Small Moving Boxes

While it may be tempting to pack everything into large boxes and only have a few, they can be super heavy and hard to move. If you organize everything into smaller boxes these can be a lot easier to carry into a dorm, especially if you live up several flights of stairs.

5. Command Hooks

Most dorms do not allow for you to nail anything into the wall, so command hooks can be a great way to help you hang any decorations you have. These are also perfect to hang purses, coats, or scarves and help keep your room organized. These will help keep your room organized and are super easy to put up and take down.


6. Towel Set

A good set of towels is something you will want to use right away, and is an essential for when you are moved in. Many dorm rooms don’t have hand towels, so bringing your own will be necessary and you will want it right away.

7. Shower Caddy

This is another essential for living in a dorm, a good show caddy is super handy. Most dorms have shared bathrooms, so you won’t be able to store your toiletries in the bathroom.

8. Full Length Mirror

A full length mirror is a necessity for your room, and they are super inexpensive. This is something that you will also want in your room right away, and is a great addition.


9. Closet Organizer

Most dorms have really small closets, so having a good closet organizer is really helpful. This is essential for move in day because being able to organize your clothes right away will help you be moved in quickly and have a place for everything.

10. Storage Bins

Small storage bins are a great way to keep everything organized in a small dorm room. These are perfect to keep under your bed, or you can use them as decorations. With such limited space it is super helpful to have a lot of storage to keep everything in place.

11. Drawer Organizer

Keeping everything in your desk organized can be difficult, but a simple drawer organizer can make your life a lot easier. This is great to have when you move in to make sure everything is organized and has a place.


12. Shower Shoes

If you have shared bathrooms in a dorm, you will definitely want shower shoes right when your move in. Unfortunately this is a necessity for a shared bathroom, and you definitely don’t want to forget them.

13. Surface Cleaner

Another thing you might not think to bring, an all purpose surface cleaner can come in handy when you are moving in. The dorms will be clean and ready, but sometimes dirt and dust can accumulate, and cleaning your room will make it feel new.

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14. Makeup Organizer

Most likely there will be very little space in your dorm, and you won’t be able to store things in a shared bathroom. Having a good makeup organizer makes things super easy when you are moving in, and you can keep all your makeup and beauty products organized.

15. Extra Large Packing Ziplocks

If you want to fit all your clothes in a small number of suitcases or boxes, large ziplock bags that you can either vacuum or press the air out of to compress them are a great way to save space. These are great when you are packing everything, and can be really cost effective to help you take few bags, or ship fewer boxes. You can also easily store these and reuse them for when you need to move out.

16. Double Sided Tape

If you plan to hang posters or pictures on your wall, double sided tap can be a super easy way to help put all your decorations up. This is something that is really inexpensive and you will definitely use at least once.


17. Checklist

Keeping a checklist of everything you need can be super helpful when you move in as things can get overwhelming. This can also help keep you organized and know that you have everything you need.

18. Labels

Labelling your boxes and luggage is a really simple way to help make move in day super easy. If you know where everything is, it can be much easier to unpack efficiently and set up your dorm how you want it.

19. Toolset

A small toolset can be super useful for move in day. If you have any furniture you need to assemble, a small portable toolset is so helpful. You also never know when you might need some tools, and a toolset can be useful throughout the semester.


20. Fan

A fan is something you will want during the fall and in the spring, especially because many old dorms don’t have air conditioning. If you are moving in during the late summer a fan is a necessity to make it more comfortable when you unpack and move all your boxes in.

What do you think of these essentials for college move in day? Let us know in the Comments!