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10 Things You Need To Know As Freshmen At QU

10 Things You Need To Know As Freshmen At QU

There are many things about college that you might not expect. But, it's great to know a bit before about Quinnipiac University before you arrive on campus for your first semester as freshmen at QU!

There are many things about college that you might not expect. But, it’s great to know a bit before you arrive on campus for your first semester as freshmen at QU!

1. Be prepared for the long walks.

This is something that I didn’t realize was such a big deal until my first few weeks at Quinnipiac. If you are living in Mountainview or Ledges, you should plan to leave for class earlier than most students would. You want to get into the habit of arriving early or on time, so if you have to haul to the Communications building or CAS, be ready to leave your dorm about fifteen minutes before your meeting, class, or event begins. It’s tempting to lay in bed until the last possible moment, but trust me, you don’t want to have to sprint down Bobcat Way because you wanted to finish that episode of The Office.


2. Get involved!

At Quinnipiac, there are so many clubs and programs to get involved with. During the first week or so on campus, the Involvement Fair is hosted on the quad. It’s a great opportunity to meet some upperclassmen and learn about the groups that are on campus. Also, a lot of them give away stickers, candy, and more just for stopping by! While you may end up signed up to 10 email lists, remember that you still have to make time for class, studying, and relaxation. From the clubs you sign up for, pick and choose what seems most important to you and attend the meetings. (That way you won’t be too overwhelmed!) Clubs are the perfect opportunity to make friends with common interests.

3. Explore New Haven.

This is a big one. With one of the greatest small cities just twenty minutes from campus, and a free shuttle that takes you into downtown, you will want to explore all that it has to offer! While many QU students find themselves in the Elm City for Toads or Gotham, dare to be different and take a walk around! Trust me, there is more to New Haven than the clubs. There are restaurants, museums, and shops scattered all around downtown. And of course, don’t miss out on getting a slice of pizza from Modern or Pepe’s!

4. Take a hike!

No, seriously; Sleeping Giant State Park is right across the street. There are tons of trails you can take to reach the top, and it’s a great way to bond with your friends or your roommates on the weekend. The views are amazing, and that photo at the top will be a nice edition to your Instagram feed.


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5. Attend a sports game.

And by sports game, I mostly mean hockey. Go up to the T.D. Sports Center on a Friday or Saturday night and have a great time! If you get lucky and score some tickets to the Yale Game, you won’t be disappointed. This is a great opportunity to wear your Quinnipiac jersey or sweatshirt and show some school spirit. Go bobcats!

5. Spend your night at an on-campus event.

QU After Dark regularly puts on events for the weekend. Instead of going out, you can have a lot of fun in a relaxing setting. Enjoy a movie night with snacks, a comedy show, or a beach night. SPB sponsors tons of trips, as well. Some trips include Lake Compounce, a trampoline park, local malls, etc.


6. Establish good relationships with your roommates.

Roommate experiences can often turn sour, especially in your freshman year. Make it your mission to be kind and make sure you all are compatible. If there are any problems, don’t be afraid to let your RA know and step in. Remember, this is your room for 2 semesters – you want to be as comfortable and happy as you can be.

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7. You’ll have a love/hate relationship with the shuttles.

Let’s face it; the shuttles aren’t perfect. Often, they don’t follow the schedules or show up too late/early.  A solution? Download the Quinnipiac app, where you can track the shuttle times and routes. This way you know when you should leave your dorm to catch a shuttle to North Haven!

8. Get a job!

If you have time to work, getting a job on campus is great. Some jobs include working as a desk attendant, a lab assistant, or a tour guide in the Admissions Office. Not only does the work experience look good on a resume, but you have the opportunity to practice professionalism. (And, that paycheck will be the highlight of your week.)

9. Check out Campus Customs.

CC is located right on Whitney Avenue, about three minutes from campus. You can find some amazing deals on t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and more. While the bookstore can be a bit pricey at times, Campus Customs almost always has a sale going on.


10. Make the most of your time at Quinnipiac.

Four years will go by in the blink of an eye. Jump at every opportunity and experience you can. Have fun and work hard! There are endless possibilities for what you can do and become during your time at QU.

What else do Freshmen At QU need to know about?!
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