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15 Things You Need To Get For Your Little On Amazon

15 Things You Need To Get For Your Little On Amazon

Things you need to get for your little on Amazon!

Big/little week is a stressful time in every sorority girl’s life! Picking out super cute gifts while still trying to stay on a budget can be difficult. In order to make your week of gift-giving just a little less stressful, here is some inspiration to spoil your little without totally breaking the bank. These ideas will bring your big game to the next level and make all the new members wish you were their big! Below are 15 things you need to get for your little on Amazon.

1. Your Sorority Flag

Every sorority girl’s must have. Flags are perfect for bringing to the beach, posing for an Instagram pic, or even just hanging up on your apartment or dorm wall! They are the ideal decoration and totally Tumblr worthy. Your little will be so thrilled to see this in her pile of goodies during big/little week.

2. Greek Letters Sweatshirts

Are you even in a sorority if you don’t own a letter sweatshirt? Letter sweatshirts are perfect for sporting around campus and going to class. And depending on the sorority (some can’t wear official letters until initiation), receiving one will make your little even more excited to finally be an official member.


3. Matching Big/Little Shirts

Nothing screams big/little week like matching t-shirts. You can keep it simple with the generic “big” and “little” tees, or find something a little more fabulous like these “flawless” shirts.


4. Her Favorite Snacks

Spoil your little with all her favorite yummy snacks. Whether she’s a junk food lover or a health nut, fill her basket with her faves! You can pretty much find any snack you can think of on Amazon. And if you’re lucky, your little will share when you get the late night munchies.

5. Nail Polish

Nail polishes are a girl’s best friend. They are a practical gift that every little will use. To get in the spirit of big/little week, get her polishes in your sororities colors! You guys will have so much fun having nail painting parties in the months to come!

6. Candles

Candles are another practical gift. Who doesn’t love a great smelling room? If you’re anything like my roommate and me, you run through candles in record speed.  There are plenty of scents and colors to choose from, just don’t let your RA see!

7. College Apparel

Cute college clothes are a must for every game day at your school. It’s sometimes a struggle avoiding being a tailgate outfit repeater, which is why supplying your little with all the latest game day trends will be a blessing. Buying cheap shirts on Amazon and DIYing them is an amazing big/little gift. You can go with the trendy lace up style or cool cutouts. The possibilities are endless.

8. Sorority Tanks

Tank tops are an essential for every fit girl. If your little is a workout fanatic, this is the perfect gift for her to sport to the gym. She will thank you when she isn’t doing laundry three times a week.

9. A Letter Bar Necklace

The letter bar necklace is the newest trend this year, and I’m sure you can see why. They are simple, classy, and match with anything. She will never take it off.

10. Letter Water Bottle

Water bottles are a necessity for every college student. This adorable Greek letter water bottle is functional yet the perfect accessory.

11. Canvases

If you are creative, this is a great and affordable way to welcome your little into the family. She will definitely appreciate all the hard work you put into it and you can customize it to fit her style. Plus, it will be the perfect gift to get passed down in your family for generations. It’s a wonderful way to leave your mark on your family tree.

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12. Laptop Stickers

I don’t know about you, but while I’m sitting in lecture in Forum, I can’t help but look around at everyone’s laptop stickers. Stickers let your personality shine through with all your favorite things. And now that your sorority is a big part of your little’s life, a sticker is the perfect thing to seal the deal.

13. Dorm Room Decor

You don’t need to be an interior designer expert to help pimp out your little’s room. Scope out her dorm before big/little week and see what the vibes of her room are. If your little loves the outdoors, I’m sure she will love these beautiful crystals, I know my little did!


14. A Fuzzy Throw Blanket 

Fuzzy blankets are the perfect gift that will keep on giving. Get one that the two of you can share during movie nights and gossip sessions. And if you are making her a basket, you can line the basket with it to make the basket even more gorgeous. You can even get one with your letters on it like this one:

15. A Picture Frame 

A picture frame is a great gift that she can put a photo of the two of you in after reveal. Just make sure not to put a photo in before, you’ll ruin the surprise!

In the end, you know your little best, that is why you are her big! So compile all her favorite things and make it personal. It will be a big/little week you and she will remember for the rest of your lives!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
Do you have any more ideas for things you need to get for your little? Share in the comments below!
These are the things you need to get for your little off of amazon!
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