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12 Things You Need To Gear Up For In-Person Classes This Fall

After a long few years of online classes, Zoom meetings, and mask-wearing, it seems like we can resume normal life in the future! Whether your university is offering full face-to-face classes or a mix of both online classes, there will for sure be an adjustment period to life back in the classroom. As you go back to school, here are 12 things that you need to gear up for in-person classes this fall!

1. Water Bottle

Some schools may be observing some safety protocols that will have some things closed or limited such as water fountains. This could leave you thirsty and wandering around campus for the nearest fountain.

Show some love to your planet with a new reusable water bottle for in-person classes! This is not only more environmentally friendly but more hygienic as you can avoid using water fountains after people and can keep your own germs to yourself as you go back to school!

2. Extra Masks

This rule and advice are for anyone whose school is requiring masks in the classroom or for anyone who is not vaccinated yet. We have all been there where you get out of your car and you realize you forgot your mask at home!

Keep a few reusable masks in your backpack just in case of emergency! There are some professors that will feel more comfortable about their students wearing them where you might find yourself needing one!

3. Hand Sanitizer

This is an important thing to have on your school bag regardless of the state of the world of being in a pandemic! Germs are everywhere, so protect yourself and whoever you go home to by keeping your hands clean while you are at school.

The fun scents from the store too will act as a little splash of perfume if you need a little something to get you through the day.

4. Extra School Supplies

If you are a new freshman or even a Sophomore or Junior, this upcoming school year could be your first time in a college classroom! With that being said, you are going to need a few extra things in your backpack as you enter the classroom at your university.

A good rule of thumb is to pack anything that you might need to do school work if you are not able to go back to your apartment or dorm. Sometimes you get an extra hour or so in the day and you can take that opportunity to work on school work!

5. Chargers

If you are on campus all day, you will for sure need an extra phone and computer charger! We have all been used to working from the comfort of our homes where our chargers are 10 feet away from this. During your in-person classes, this is a totally different story.

If you like to take notes from your phone or laptop, you might need to plug in during your lectures, so keep an extra one stashed in your bag!

6. Social Interaction

It has been nearly 2 years since life completely changed for everyone and we stayed home. With that, our social interaction has been limited and you might find yourself being completely exhausted after social interaction.

Give yourself some grace and some practice before you fully dive into school again! Go and see your friend more often to get used to the idea that you will be around so many other people now. Remember that we are all feeling this way during our return to the classroom!

7. School Clothes

Working and learning from home meant that you mostly got to stay in your PJs or loungewear all day! Sadly, this is not the case for in-person classes (to each their own, but stay professional in the classroom!).

Being comfortable in class is important as you go back to school but you also do not want to look like a complete slob too. Treat yourself to a few new clothes for back-to-school so that you can start the school year out in fashion!

8. New Planner

Start out this school year on the right foot with a good, old-fashioned, planner! School might be a little overwhelming now that your classes are back in the classroom. Keep all of your assignments and extra-curriculars in order with a new planner to keep everything in order!

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9. Snacks

Spending all day in class and doing homework is sure to make any girl hungry! It can get pretty pricey to continuously snack and eat on campus. Save a few bucks and take your own snacks with you in your bag!

Some professors will allow food and drinks in class which will work in your favor while learning! Especially if you commute to school and do not live on campus, these backpack treats will be a lifesaver.

10. Transportation

You have no had to worry about leaving or going anywhere while being at home. This is all different with in-person classes! Make sure you have everything lined up before heading back to school.

If you need a parking pass, make sure you have enough money to cover it and know where you will be parking. If you are using a bike, make sure it is in regulation with your university’s standards.

11. School Map

For our new students on campus this semester, university life is super intimidating, especially with such a large campus. While all of your classes used to just meet on Zoom, you are going to have to meet in special buildings and rooms this semester!

Before school starts, take a walk on campus to see where your classes are going to be on the first day. Use a map to see where your study spot is going to be this semester as well as where your classes are.


12. A New Study Spot

The best part about studying on campus is being able to see the beautiful place you get to go to school at! Pick a new place to just hang out between classes or cram for an exam during finals. This is finally the place that isn’t your bedroom at home but is finally on campus now that you are back to school!

Are you excited for school to start this year? Do you prefer online classes or in-person classes? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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