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20 Things You Need To Eat In Los Angeles Before You Graduate

I don’t know about you, but my favorite thing about being in a new city is finding out the most delicious foods it offers. Los Angeles, alias the City of Angels, has one of the most diverse and unique food culture in the United States. Take advantage of the city you’re in by going in the outside world and experience the LA food culture. There’s just so much to try and to eat in Los Angeles! To help you out, here is a list of twenty delicious foodie experiences you need to have before leaving the beautiful Los Angeles.

1. Slice of Maple Custard at Pie Hole

Located in the Arts Districts of Los Angeles, this place is the heaven of pies. The Maple Custard pie is the most-loved one of all by customers, so I’m not trying to influence you here but better take “la crème de la crème,” no? (the best of the best in French)

2. Ice Cream Sandwich at Diddy Riese

This is THE ice cream place everyone is freaking out about. Situated in the UCLA neighborhood, it offers the best ice cream sandwiches you will ever taste. Even during this cold winter, it will feel great, trust me.

3. Sausage at Wurstküche

Called the “pioneer in the hipster-downtown-sausage arena” by the LA Weekly, this place is highly recommended by any sausages fanatics. Don”t worry all vegetarians out there, they also offer options for you! (I told you, it’s a perfect place.)

4. “The Poke Me” at POT

POT is owned by the so-called “godfather of modern Korean food” in Los Angeles, Roy Choi. Among his delicious menu, “The Poke Me” is the all time favorite!

5. Fish and Chips at Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market

I went to this place three years ago and I am still dreaming about it. This place is located along the beach and offers the best seafood ever. But their specialty is definitely their fish and chips that you can enjoy with a view on the ocean!

6. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich at MILK

I know what you thought when you read that. MACARON ICE CREAM SANDWICH?!! Who the hell has invited this heaven indulgence? Well it is real my friends and you can get in at MILK in two different neighborhoods of LA. Google it and you’ll find this gold place!

7. French Dip Sandwich at Phillippe’s

This is THE most historic and famous sandwich you will ever eat. Believe me, there is a whole history behind this single sandwich. If you want to find out what is it but also taste the most amazing sandwich ever, don’t hesitate!

8. Donut at California Donuts

For all the kings and queens of Donuts out there, this is your new home. Filled with delicious donuts, they offer unique flavors you’ll not find in many places such as maple bacon or lucky charm.

9. Espresso Shot in a Waffle Cone at Alfred Coffee and Kitchen

Have you ever dreamt of drinking your coffee in a waffle cone!? (Maybe not). Well, here is your dream coming true with this espresso shot served in a waffle cone at Alfred Coffee and Kitchen. Enjoy this dose of caffeine and sugar combined in one meal, my friends!

10. Tonkotsu Ramen from Daikokuya

I heard Daikokuya is the best place in town to get a ramen and trust me my friends, I went and I could confirm this after just one bite. Highly recommended!

11. Tuna Tartare from Chaya

Prepare yourself for this big scoop: Chaya is the place where the Tuna Tartare was created! Yes you all heard that, Corporate Executive Chef Shigefume Tachibe invented the famous Tuna Tartare, so if I was you, I would stop anything you are doing and head over to the best tartare of the world!

12. Hickory Burger from Apple Pan

This is not a basic burger you’ll find anywhere. It has become famous for its amazing special sauce feeling like a combination of BBQ sauce and ketchup. But the secret of the sauce has never been found, which is what makes this place so magic. Not only you’ll be seduced by this legendary BBQ sauce, but you’ll also fall in love with the atmosphere there as the restaurant is run by a family.

13. Popcorn Bacon from Black Hogg

Bacon and Popcorn in one meal? Yep, that’s possible at Black Hogg. It is the most loved and famous thing on their menu as it combines flavors satisfying savory and sweet indulgences!

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14. Chicken and Waffle at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles

I’m sure you all heard about this place and if you did not, time to review your basic food knowledge about places to eat in Los Angeles. Roscoe’s has always been the best place to get this legendary meal called Chicken and Waffles. It is basically some crispy waffles topped with fried chicken and maple syrup on the side! I know, this is too good to be true!

15. Pastries Overload at Bottega Louie

Overload on the best and most authentic pastries at this very sophisticated and quite pricey place called Bottega Louie. From macaroons to croissants and pains au chocolate, it’ll make your mouth watering just by looking at them!

16. Tamales at Mom’s Tamales

Mom’s Tamales is a family-run kitchen offering traditional Mexican food such as their succulent homemade tamales. If you want to travel by driving a few miles, go there and you won’t be disappointed by the trip. A road trip and a great place to eat in Los Angeles rolled into one!

17. Bacon, Egg and Cheese at Eggslut

This sounds like a basic meal but it is as intriguing as the name of the restaurant. Situated in the Arts District of Los Angeles, Eggslut offers a menu inspired by their love of eggs and you’ll never like eggs as much as you do at this place!

18. Strawberry Donuts from Donut Man

This sweet treat has attracted so many in Los Angeles and its creator always make sure to choose the most quality strawberries to put inside!

19. Rice Bowl at Squirl

Rice Bowl seems simple by its name but at Squirl, it is put on a whole new level! One of their famous ones you should try is the Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl with some brown rice, nut-free sorrel pesto, lemon, feta and a poached egg! Go get it, NOW!!

20. Dynamite Fries at Oi Asian Fusion

The name of this dish accurately describes the craziness of it: sweet potato fries, dynamite sauce, garlic and cilantro. No need to tell me anything else, this left me speechless.

Where are you fave places to eat in Los Angeles? Tell us in the comments below!
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