15 Things You Need To Do When You Visit Quinnipiac University Campus

Visiting colleges is a great opportunity to get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be part of a college campus. Here are 15 things you need to do when visiting the Quinnipiac University campus with your family.

 1. Hike the Sleeping Giant

One thing everyone loves about Quinnipiac is the view of the campus and everything around it, including the Giant. Although the Quinnipiac University campus is beautiful, imagine being able to see it from 500 feet up! Hiking the Sleeping Giant is an overall great experience not only because of the beautiful view, but the accomplishment you feel once you’re done as well.

This is one of the best parts about visiting the Quinnipiac University campus

2. Dinner at Eli’s

Eli’s is a popular spot for many Quinnipiac students. Whether you’re watching a game or stopping for a quick bite, Eli’s is always filled with Quinnipiac students and their families. After touring the Quinnipiac University campus, Eli’s is a great place to stop at before heading home.

 3. Attend a Sporting Event

Since Quinnipiac is a Division 1 school, the sporting events are always exciting. The TD Bank Sports Center, located on York Hill Campus, is always filled with hockey and basketball fans who are either students at Quinnipiac or local fans from Connecticut. To really experience the school spirit at Quinnipiac, purchase a ticket to any sporting event on campus and enjoy.

 4. Visit York Hill and North Haven Campuses

When touring Quinnipiac, it is important to see what the other nearby campuses have to offer, too. Both the York Hill and North Haven campuses are important places to visit when touring the campus. York Hill consists of sophomore, junior, and senior housing, while North Haven is home to undergraduate and graduate classes for students studying law, medicine, health sciences, and nursing. Though you may not want to worry too far into the future, it is helpful to see all of what Quinnipiac has to offer.

 5. Have Lunch on the Quad

The view on Quinnipiac’s campus is beautiful, and there’s no better way to enjoy the view than to have a seat and hang out on the Quad. Grab something to eat in the dining hall, take a seat anywhere on the Quad, and enjoy!

This is one of the best parts about visiting the Quinnipiac University campus

 6. Explore New Haven

Since there is an unlimited amount of things to do here, Quinnipiac students spend a lot of time in New Haven. Whether you decide to walk around the New Haven Green, get some shopping done, stop for a quick snack, or spend the night in town, New Haven offers many opportunities that can be enjoyed by families and friends.

 7. Pizza at Frank Pepe’s

Though there are many places close to the Quinnipiac University campus to get a nice meal, the famous New Haven brick oven pizza is somewhere everyone loves to go.

This is one of the best parts about visiting the Quinnipiac University campus

 8. Explore the Freshmen Dorms

Looking at the freshmen dorms is probably one of the most important things to do when visiting Quinnipiac. Considering you’ll spend a majority of your time either sleeping, eating, and doing homework in your room, it must be a comfortable space for you to live in. There are also a variety of freshmen dorms at Quinnipiac, so make sure you get to see all of them!

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 9. Eat in the Dining Hall

Even though there are plenty of places to eat off campus near Quinnipiac, it is important to eat in the dining hall. The Quinnipiac dining hall has a variety of food choices for everyone. After all, you’ll have to eat the campus food every day if you choose to attend here, so it is important that you enjoy it.

 10. Talk to Students

To understand how it really feels to be a student at Quinnipiac, it is important to engage with students on campus to get a feel for how their college experience is going. You can ask them questions about dorm life, campus dining, or where they like to hang out on the weekends. Talking to college students is the best way to get a feel for what living on campus is really like.

This is one of the best parts about visiting the Quinnipiac University campus

 11. Sit in on a College Class

Sitting in on a college class can allow you to see exactly what it’s like to be a college student. When doing this, try and find a class that correlates with a major that you are considering so you can get a sneak peek on what your classes would be like. This is also the perfect opportunity to talk to professors in subjects that interest you!

 12. Talk to Professors in Different Departments

If you are still undecided on a major, talking to professors from different departments can help you get an idea as to what you want to do. Even if you have declared a major, talking to professors in other departments may interest you in minoring in a different subject. By talking to different professors, you can explore more options for your future. Plus, you might end up having them teach one of your classes!

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 13. Ask About Campus Safety

Campus safety is an extremely important thing on a college campus. Be sure to bring up the topic when you tour Quinnipiac. You will see that Public Safety is located right inside one of the residence halls, which is great because the officers are so close to all the dorms. Feeling safe on campus is important, so bringing up the topic of public safety will be beneficial to everyone on the tour.

 14. Take Pictures

Though you may feel uncomfortable doing it, documenting your visit will be beneficial in the future. After visiting a bunch of schools, they tend to all get mixed up in your head. By taking pictures, you’ll easily be able to remember what each campus looks like. Some things to take pictures of are the Quad, dorm rooms, dining halls, classrooms, and the Student Center.

This is one of the best parts about visiting the Quinnipiac University campus

 15. Ask Questions!

When looking at colleges, it is extremely important to ask your own questions! It always looks better when a student asks questions instead of when their parents do. Also, other students in your group may be wondering the same thing.

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