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10 Things You Need In Your First Apartment

Congratulations, you found your first apartment! Whether it’s everything you dreamed of for your first place, or there’s room for improvements, it’s time to make it live-in ready! Check out these 10 things you need in your first apartment!

1. Magnetic Knife Bar

If your kitchen in your first apartment is anything like mine (read: small), then you definitely need a magnetic knife bar. It’s sleek, elegant, and it saves you a ton of drawer space. You can either get it with a smooth wood finish, or it can be a metal-like strip. My personal favorite is the wooden finish, however, the metal-like finish looks great in modern, sleek kitchens, too! I haven’t been able to set up mine yet, but it’s definitely on my first apartment to-do list. 

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2. Collapsible Containers

Speaking of small kitchens and maximizing space, you can’t go wrong with collapsible containers. Containers are a must in any kitchen–they are non-negotiable. However, big, bulky containers can quickly crowd and overwhelm your space, whereas collapsible containers are easy to store, they’re long-lasting and it’s easier to keep track of them than it is for big containers. I also feel like they’re easier to clean and are less prone to staining compared to their hard plastic counterparts. It’s a win-win.

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3. Tape Measure

I can’t count the number of times I’ve needed a tape measure for measuring spaces, walls, or furniture and I haven’t had one. You’d think that you don’t need these kinds of things for your first apartment but turns out this is the type of item you’ll regularly need as you’re moving in and settling into your space. You’ll most likely keep on needing it for little jobs as well. You can find tape measures in many sizes and colors, including mini, portable ones.

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4. Multibit Screwdriver

Again, another apartment essential, especially as you’re moving in. It’s better to get one from the get-go, so you can do your projects by yourself, rather than having to borrow one or depend on somebody else to come do it for you. Also, it’s a great start to your toolkit and they last a lifetime.

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5. Flashlight

Flashlights are extremely important as you will never know when you’ll need them, until it’s too late. You should always keep multiple flashlights throughout your apartment, and always at easy reach. There are many, easy to find battery-operated flashlights, but there are also plug-in flashlights that automatically turn on when the lights go out, which are great for homes with kids. There are also flashlights with magnetic strips that you can attach to metal, which really come in handy. 

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6. Candles

Candles, and I’m not talking about scented, decorative ones, are just as important as flashlights. Besides owning a good flashlight or two, emergency candles are necessary for all apartments. You never know when your flashlight might run out of batteries, or you just need a softer light for a specific area. Be safe! Never leave a burning candle unattended, and if you get tall, votive candles, always place them on a safe surface, such as a heat-resistant plate or a candle dish. 

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7. Plunger

It might seem gross, and you probably think you’d never need one, but trust me, there is nothing worse than needing a plunger at midnight and having to go to the store to get one. Do yourself a favor, and get one ASAP. You’ll thank me later. Pro tip: If you don’t have anywhere to store (or hide) your plunger, get a cute basket to store it in! It’s a good way of storing it in plain sight while adding texture and colors to your space. 

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8. Bathroom Shelving/Storage

Most bathrooms come with little to no storage space. If you’re lucky, you might get a medicine cabinet or a vanity with storage cabinets. If your first place is a rental, then you might not be able to screw anything on the walls or make big additions. However, there are other options for storage that comply with your renter’s contract.  You could add small storage units under the sink, standing shelves, or leaning shelves. Many furniture stores carry a wide selection of non-screw shelving and storage products at great prices.

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9. Extra Bedsheets

This one might seem silly, but there’s no better feeling than switching out your sheets for a clean set without having to wait for the first one to be washed and dried. It’s also a small way to change up your bedroom decor, as you can play with colors and patterns. Some people swear by expensive, ultra-high thread count sheets, but I believe bedsheets are a personal, intimate choice. It’s where you’ll lay yourself to rest every night, so you need something that comforts you specifically! Shop around for bedsheets, and don’t forget to grab an extra set or two! 

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10. Stepstool/Small Ladder

A step stool was a must-have when I moved into my first apartment. It helped me reach the highest parts of my cabinets, as well as the top parts of the closets. It’s a great tool for setting up high shelving, too. The best part is step stools now come in many sizes, while still being compact! Most step stools nowadays are foldable, so they’re easier to store when not in use. However, if storing isn’t an issue for you, you could also get a wooden stool and make it a fun DIY! You could paint it or decorate it as you like, you could even use it to place potted plants or stack books for a cottage-like look. If you’re looking for something for heavier work or something with a more industrial look, a small ladder should do the trick.

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What items will you be getting for your apartment? What do you think are apartment must-haves? Let us know in the comments down below!

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