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11 Things You Need From The Hearth & Hand Collection At Target

Maybe you’re like the rest of us and your Pinterest account is full of home decor ideas that are totally unobtainable because you don’t have a giant farmhouse! With Fixer Upper’s Johanna Gaines’s collection at Target, Hearth & Hand, she makes all of your farmhouse dreams come true with neutrals and greenery galore! Here are 11 things you need from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target!

1. Faux Pothos Hanging Plant

Some people are just born with a green thumb, and others are not. And you might be one of those people, but you still enjoy the brightness of a room filled with houseplants. This Hearth & Hand hanging plant will have everyone fooled that you are a plant parent!

The neutral basket will match any kind of decor that you use in your home and you won’t have to worry about remembering to water this one! Add some variety to your home decor with this great Target find.

2.  Inflatable Outdoor Pool

Want a way to cool down this summer but left without a pool to use? This is the answer to cooling you down on the hot days this summer! We love this pool because of how Instagram-worthy your pics are going to be with this Target find.

The neutrals are a classic Magnolia staple that will match whatever your aesthetic is this summer. This is a super easy item to set up and use, you won’t even break a sweat!

3. Golden Hour Soy Candle

Finding a scent to burn during the summer can be difficult especially if you are more of a fall candle kind of gal. We think that this Hearth & Hand find is going to be the perfect choice for this summer to keep your space smelling fresh and like summer.

With the sweet notes of orange, lemon, coconut, and juniper, you will want to light this Target candle all day long. Try out the smallest version of this amazing candle to test out how you feel with this candle and then upgrade like we did with the giant four-wick version later!

4. Round Framed Mirror

Finding decor for your home can be a long and exhausting journey as there are so many choices out there! One of our favorite wall decorations right now (brought to you by Jo!) is this round framed mirror from Target.

Adding mirrors to your living spaces, bedrooms, or bathrooms, will expand the space without having to knock down any walls or renovations! You can trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger by using mirrors in your decor. In a variation of sizes, you will find one that suits your style and the size of the room you are decorating!

5. Wooden Letter Board

A fun trend that has emerged in the home decorating community has been letter boards in all shapes and sizes. This customizable piece is a fun way to get creative with your decor and even for some seasonal fun! You can easily prop the wood up or hang it up for all of your guests to see exactly how witty and hilarious you are.

The natural wood tones will match any decor style and aesthetics. The set comes with the board to insert the letters and 151 characters for your use to make your message on your new letter board!

6. Wood and Cane Console Table

A home decor classic that is reentering the decorating space is wood and wicker, and we are absolutely obsessed! If you are lucky, you will find similar styles in fashion and decor at the thrift store, but you can easily get the look at your local Target in just minutes.

This console table of course has beautiful wood details but is a great solution to your clutter problem. With two pull-out drawers and a large bottom shelf, you can beautifully display your clutter and your guests will definitely compliment you on it!

7. Suitcase Record Player

What makes up the farmhouse style is the modernized versions of classic styles that have been loved forever. A new decoration that is filling up living spaces is suitcase record players. Similar to the ones that our parents used when they were growing up, we can now enjoy our favorite top 20 hits on a turntable.

This Hearth & Hand Target find is a beautiful dark gray color that will go perfectly with your decor style. If you can’t find the perfect record to listen to, this record player is also Bluetooth capable so you can just connect your phone!

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8. Market Tote Bag

This summer, outdoor events, and farmer’s markets are finally returning! Show some love to the planet by saying no to plastic bags and yes to this woven market tote from Target. You will have plenty of room to stuff all of the goodies you find at the market with this bag and any other essentials you need for a day out in the sun.

The double straps will keep the bag feeling light while you are walking around and people will surely be asking where you got such a cute bag!

9. Woven Serving Tray

Our favorite home decor trend this summer is the woody and woven accent in almost everything! And we don’t hate it. This serving tray is perfect for taking and serving drinks to your guests while hosting.

Another way to utilize this circular tray from Target is by styling it on your coffee table or dining table as a sort of “home base” for all of your things. Keep your salt and pepper and other condiments here with a nice centerpiece of seasonal blooms or stems!

10. Faux Eucalyptus Wreath

Time to change out your spring decor for your summer decor. A different way to change up your greenery for the season is with eucalyptus.

This Target wreath won’t wilt away with the summer heat and will keep its shape as the season progresses. Display it on your front door, your cabinets, or any other places you can display this great seasonal touch!

11. Bocce Ball Game Set

Keep your guests entertained this summer with this outdoor game set. The set comes with a bag for you to carry wherever your summer adventures take you to this season where you can play with up to 4 people. This is a great and fun way to learn something new with your pals and create new memories!

What are you loving right now from this collection at Target? Does it match your current decor style or are you ready for something new? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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