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30 Things You Need For Your Small Apartment

30 Things You Need For Your Small Apartment

There are certain things you need for your small apartment when moving in or decorating, and then there are things you NEED. And what I mean by that is; the kinds of things you come across while perusing the internet, instantly fall in love with, and might just impulse buy because, well, you need it. This list is full of insanely cute items from Amazon and Etsy that your apartment has been in need of for a while now. Working with a small space can be tough, especially when you have a tiny studio apartment in those big cities. Luckily, I’ve pulled some of the best items to maximize your space and your decor! Here are 30 things you need for your small apartment!

1. A Personalized Docking Station

There isn’t much explanation needed as to why this is a very necessary item. How many times have you woken up in the morning and embarked on a desperate hunt for your keys, your wallet or your phone? Too many to count? That’s what I thought. Go buy this docking station and never panic again (at least not about this).


2. A Yoga Mat Holder

So what if you don’t actually do yoga? I still argue that a yoga mat holder is a necessity for your apartment. Not only does it take up space on your wall so you don’t have to decorate, but it also makes you look like an active person. And who knows? Maybe one day it’ll inspire you to get some exercise. Long shot, I know, but it still looks cute.

3. A Chic Laundry Basket

Everybody needs to do laundry, so a laundry basket is definitely a must have for any apartment. Why not get a basket that’s not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing too?


4. A Cozy Fleece Blanket 

One of the best things about having your own apartment is being able to binge watch Netflix as long as you want without any shame. And everyone knows that no binge session is complete without a cozy blanket. These ones from Amazon are on sale for super cheap yet they still are of expensive quality. And they come in so many colors!


5. Cute Decorative Candles 

Candles are important for many reasons. First: the ambiance. They really set the mood and can make your tiny apartment feel like a cozy cottage. Second: they smell heavenly. Third: they’re just really freaking cute!

6. This Adorable Fox Lamp 

I don’t feel like I need to give an explanation for why a fox lamp is mandatory. Not a fan of foxes? Not to worry! Etsy has lamps with all your favorite furry friends. You can also get characters from Dory to Darth Vader.


7. A Coffee Pour Over Stand 

Every college student’s favorite drug is coffee, and we almost never have the money for a good French press. The perfect solution is this super trendy pour-over stand which has become more and more popular by the minute.


8. A Popcorn Recipe Book 

Again, midnight binge sessions are the ultimate benefit to having your own apartment, and how can you thoroughly enjoy it without plenty of popcorn? This popcorn book is cute for your coffee table, so people can think you actually read. And even better, it has a ton of yummy popcorn recipes to choose from for your movie nights!

9. These Super Cool Agate Bookends 

It’s super important to keep up a reputation of being cultured. Therefore, you really want people to think that you read a lot of books. These super cute bookends are perfect for your book collection, whether you actually read them or if it’s just for show!


10. A Record Player

Records are making a comeback- big time. It’s time we all take the hint and jump on this hipster bandwagon. Buy a record player and a few of your favorite records while you’re at it. You won’t regret it.


11. An Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

It’s time we all stop tripping over our shoes and desperately searching for our left shoe every morning. A shoe rack is the perfect place to keep our shoes, at least when we have company over. An over-the-door shoe rack is especially great because it won’t take up any extra space!

12. A Keurig Machine

If a pour over stand isn’t really your coffee style, why not a Keurig? They’re by far one of the most favored coffee machines around, and they are so easy and quick to use!


13. Some Watercolor Art Print For Your Walls

Something about watercolor is so aesthetically pleasing and calming. If you’re looking to dress up your drab walls, there are so many cute water color prints to choose from!


14. Decorative Mason Jars

Speaking of décor, the new thing is mason jars! Painted mason jars, to be specific. For those of us who live in the southern part of the US, these rustic jars are perfect. There are so many different jars to choose from! So cute!

15. A Mermaid Throw Pillow

Okay seriously, these pillows are so cool. Anyone who comes over will probably be mesmerized by these sweet pillows and won’t be able to stop playing with them.


16. A Multi-Way Game Table 

You’ve got to admit that this is probably one of the coolest things ever. It’s so small it could fit anywhere, and it’s perfect for company. You can choose from four games for hours and hours of entertainment!


17. A Marble Mouse Pad 

Mouse pads are very underrated and unfortunately, I feel that they have become a thing of the past. This is definitely not good, and the dying breed that is mouse pads must be replenished! And you don’t have to sacrifice cuteness for function either because these mouse pads are, you guessed it, super cute!

18. An Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are becoming very popular, and there’s a reason why! Aromatherapy has proven to be very effective, which is why so many people are purchasing these awesome diffusers for their homes. Also, it’s hard to resist the trendy look of this oil burner.


19. A Coffee Mug That Speaks The Truth

As we all know by now, caffeine is really the only drug a college student needs. Because of this, every young adult needs an endless supply of attractive mugs so they can do the dishes as least often as possible. Tell me I’m wrong, but I think most of us can relate to this coffee mug. I’ll take one, please!


20. A Cute Coffee Cup Holder

With all those adorable mugs you’ve been stocking up on, you’re going to need a place to display them. This coffee cup holder could actually hang on its own without any cups in it, so don’t be ashamed when you have no clean mugs to display. However, when you do have clean dishes, this cup holder is there for you!

21. A Shaggy Rug 

Everyone needs a space rug for added coziness and comfort. This one is the perfect size for a small space without being a doormat, and it’s so inexpensive! And of course it comes in a ton of great colors!


22. This Bleeding Heart Wall Mirror

This is probably one of the coolest mirrors I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to spice up your apartment walls and add some flare, this mirror can do the trick! It also comes in every color!

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23. An Infuser Teapot 

This is a really fun way to make yourself some tea on a rainy day. Tea is the perfect drink to accompany you as you cram for those finals, so it’s obvious why this is an important thing to have in your apartment. The best part is that you can use the infuser feature to make anything you want!


24. A Wooden Tea Chest 

Speaking of tea, where are you going to keep all those tea bags? Strewn about haphazardly in a drawer? No way! You definitely need this adorable tea chest that looks great anywhere.

25. A Hanging Book Rack 

Don’t read? Not a problem! This book rack will sure make it look like you do. This could work for magazines too, and it’s a really unique way to display your reading materials. Everyone is going to love it and no one will have seen it before. Trendsetting at its finest!



26. Adorable Silverware 

Don’t be that person who never buys silverware and just uses plastic forks and spoons. You might be able to get away with it when you’re home alone, but you need to have nice silverware for when you entertain friends!


27. A Beautiful Vanity Mirror 

This vanity mirror is super unique and the lights are such a great bonus. You don’t need to worry about crappy lighting while doing your makeup anymore because this dope Hollywood vanity has got you covered!


28. An Address Book For Adulting

Address books might not seem like a necessary item to have, but they really do come in handy. We don’t need every address taking up space in our home, but sometimes we still want to have them around. This is a great place to keep miscellaneous addresses and numbers that you don’t really need in your phone. It’s a good thing to have for emergencies too.

29. A Set Of Cute Coasters 

We young people don’t have the money to go replacing furniture when it gets damaged, so we need to take care of it while it’s still in decent shape. When you’re drinking that lemonade in front of the TV, throw a cute coaster under your glass!


30. A Basket Rack

This could either be a super organized rack in your bathroom or a crap collector in your bedroom, but either way it’s super practical. It’s also a lot more attractive than those plastic bins your mom uses, so maybe you should get one for her too.

Can you think of any other things you need for your small apartment? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.