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15 Things You Need For An OU Tailgate

15 Things You Need For An OU Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the best things you can do this fall. As the school year begins, so do football games. It helps that OU also gives free food to whoever attends their games (and not just cheap chips and cookies– local venders and restaurants pass out free munchies to hungry college kids)… We at SOCIETY19 have crafted a list of everything you need to ensure the best tailgating season yet. Whether you think you’re already prepared or not, keep reading for things you need for an OU tailgate!

1. This life-saving OU travel cup.

Nothing is worse than a drink that is supposed to be cold but is warm and vise versa. When tailgating for a long period of time you NEED to have a portable drink carrier. We suggest this mega cute Ohio University Tervis tumbler; it’ll save your life.

2. This quintessential OU T-Shirt to properly show off your Bobcat spirit.

Wearing your school is the ultimate sign of school spirit. Whether it’s a loose fitting shirt (like the one we suggest below) or a fitted v-neck you will look like the ultimate fan in this.

3. An adorable OU headband for when the tailgates get chilly.

For the colder tailgates, a headband is a must to keep you warm while also in the school spirit mood.

4. A trendy camera so you can immediately print out cute, vintage photos.

College is all about making memories. In order to remember these moments, we at SOCIETY19 suggest that you purchase a Polaroid camera. This captures the cutest pictures in a trendy way.

5. A disposable trash can; a genius idea.

Having a trashcan at your tailgate is a no-brainer. But having a trashcan that you can throw away immediately after being used is genius! This will guarantee that your tailgates are hassle free.

6. An easy compact-able chair.

If you’re someone that prefers to relax during tailgates, then this item is for you. This ultra compact-able chair will make your life a thousand times better. Although you will still have to carry this compact pouch, this will be way better than lugging around a full-sized chair.

7. This super-sneaky flask.

If you’re the type to want to drink at your tailgate, one of these “sunscreen” bottles will do the trick. They will allow you to carry alcohol in a nonchalant way.

8. A Ohio University baseball hat.

Another cute item that will block you from the sun, while showing your school spirit, is a hat. A baseball cap will help those hot, summer tailgates a little bit cooler.

9. A pair of awesome spirit socks.

Add a pair of Converse with these bad boys and you’re good to go. If you’re really looking to stand out, this tailgate essential is for you. These socks will create some laughs and make you the center of attention.

10. A handy Ohio University flag.

How do you expect your friends to find your tailgate without one?! In order to make your tailgate stand out among the others, you’ll need a flag. Nothing screams school spirit more than a bobcat flag swaying in the wind.

11. This adorable Ohio temporary micro tattoo.

So subtle and trendy. A fun idea that everyone enjoys is having temporary tattoos. The best part is you can really put them anywhere you want! This Ohio tattoo is a bit more practical and can be worn after the tailgate too.

12. An Ohio Bobcats umbrella.

It may not seem necessary initially, but if you happen to get caught in the rain without one at a tailgate, you’ll be deeply regretting it. At tailgates, it is always important to be prepared. That is why we suggest having an OU umbrella by your side. This will ensure that your day will not be ruined by pesky rain.

13. A fun OU bow tie/hair tie.

An OU hairstyle is the best hairstyle. Purchase some of these cute bows for your hair, or for guys, for your shirt.

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14. A nifty light-up corn hole game (with Bobcat bean bags).

The party is still alive even after dark, so why not be as prepared as possible?

15. Ladies’ Ohio University baseball-style tee.

The classic college spirit shirt.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

What are some other things you need for an OU tailgate? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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