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10 Things You Must Take on a Camping Trip

10 Things You Must Take on a Camping Trip

10 Things You Must Take on a Camping Trip

Camping is a great place to get away and become one with nature. But becoming one with nature may not be all that you think it would be if you don’t pack your essentials.

1. Tent

This may seem like a no brainer, but hey common sense ain’t so common. So I placed a tent as number on this list. A high-quality tent will provide you shelter from the weather and wild animals you may encounter. Remember pretty much everything you pack will be inside your tent so make sure you get one big enough for you and your stuff. Some say packing a lightweight tent is best because it takes less time to setup. The downside to a lightweight tent is durability. Do your research and get one that fits you and your needs. Make sure that your tent can handle any weather condition that Mother Nature may throw at you, strong winds, heavy rain, and the scorching sun. You will enjoy your camping experience more if you are comfortable. Don’t forget, for your tent you will need to pack more than just the tent itself. Your tent will need things to set them up; rope, stakes, a mallet. Forgetting these or any other tent accessories will make your tent useless. The good thing is, if you forget your tent or its essentials, you can always sleep in your vehicle. Yes, that will ruin the camping experience, but it will give you shelter, warmth, and some type of comfort.


2. Sleeping Bag and Pillow

Sleep is important even more so while camping. It’s bad enough that you are going be sleeping outside on the hard rocky ground, why not add a little cushion? The perfect sleeping bag to bring would be waterproof, the ability to keep you warm, durable, and lightweight. Same with the sleeping bag, you will need to pack a pillow when camping. Why would you lay your head on the ground and expect to get a good night’s sleep? Bring that neck support. Gazing at the stars will be a lot more enjoyable if you are comfortable. If you are needing to save space use your sleeping bag case and pack it with clothes. Voila, you have made a pillow. At night temperatures can drop drastically and you will definitely want something to keep you warm.


3. Battery Operate LED Lantern

This will be very useful to you especially navigating at night unless you feel that the stars and moon will be enough light for you. You don’t want to be hundreds of miles from home just to find yourself out in the wild alone. Since there are no power outlets in the wild a battery-operated lantern will be your friend. An extra pair of batteries will be your best friend. Campfires only light everything within 6 feet of it. Pretty much, a campfire shouldn’t be your only source of light. Trust me, a late-night bathroom run will be more successful when you can see.


4. Snacks

Yummy, snacks! Pack non-perishable snacks, so that you won’t have to worry about them spoiling on your camping trip. Snacks like trail mix with pretzels and nuts will help to keep your energy up. When packing it’s good to pack more than you think you will need.


5. First Aid Kit

Camping is a great way to “getaway.” Unfortunately, getting away will also get you away from hospitals, doctors, and any sort of medical facility. The further you are from medical attention the more items you should have in your kit. Safety first. As your having fun camping things can go very wrong very fast, the least you can do is prepare for anything. While in the wild be prepared to take care of burns, splinters, and even poison ivy. Small scrapes and burns left untreated can put you at risk for infections. Leaving your camping trip early to go seek medical attention is no fun.


6. Insect Repellant

Thinking about insects, any kind of insect gives me the chills. Gross. While out in the wild you are in the home of mosquitos, spiders, ticks, and so much more. Your best defense is insect repellant, especially if you are camping near water. Grab the spray, ointment, or lamp, anything is better than nothing. Forget it this and you will regret it.

bug spray

7. Air Mattress

A soft pad between you and the ground will be greatly appreciated by your back. Most tents just have a thin layer on the ground. That will provide you no support when you lay down.

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8. Baby Wipes

This is essential. Camping out in the wild will make you realize the luxury of baby wipes. You may not think about it before your trip, but when you are out in the wild you will not want to be without wipes. Camping rules for packing wipes, less is not more. Nothing in the wild can substitute baby wipes. Nothing.


9. Water

Don’t depend on your campsite to have water. Be prepared. Drinking from the camp lake is gross and just unsanitary. Before arriving at your campsite you can research and inquire if there are any stations close by that will give you water. You are going to quickly see that you will use water for a lot of things from; drinking, cleaning and even cooking. The same goes for water as for food, bring more than you think you will need. Water will save your life.


10. Matches or a Lighter

When I think about camping, my first thought is about a campfire. Can’t make a campfire without fire. Well, maybe you can but the easiest way is with some matches or a lighter. A campfire will provide you warmth, light, and a great outdoor stove for smores.  Store your matches in a dry cool place, if they get wet, they are useless. They make water-proof matches but they are not 100% guaranteed and you don’t want to find out the hard way. Nobody cares how you get the campfire started they just want it. In addition to your campfire, matches will come in handy in case you need to signal for help.


camping, 10 Things You Must Take on a Camping Trip
I hope you found this basic camping list useful. Let me know in the comments about your camping trip.

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