10 Things You Must Have in Your Closet Now

You must, must have these pieces in your closet! They might be basic, but basic goes with everything and basic is comfort. Plus, these are usually found in thrift-stores for really cheap prices! You can go for either a classy, or hip-hop look.

1) High-Waisted Jeans

Okay, jeans ladies, jeans! Jeans are a staple piece for every woman or man, and trust me—if you have one good pair, you are all set.

I would suggest going for a high-waisted mom pair because let’s face it skinnies are out of style and super uncomfortable for that matter. Also, go for a lighter wash because they will make you stand out more, and elongate your figure!


Jeans can be worn to work, to school, and anywhere in between, so definitely a must-have in our closets.

2) Oversized Shirt

Now oversized shirts are amazing, they are so comfortable and can easily be made cute. You can tuck it in your pants, or even in your bra to make it cropped but remain that oversized look. Usually, these are either graphic tees, sports tees, or Uni tees so I would pair them with the high-waisted jeans previously mentioned.


You can sleep, eat, dance, work, and be constantly comfortable in these shirts—must have!

3) Cycling Shorts

I feel like any of the clothing items I mentioned could be paired together—an oversized shirt with cycling shorts— perfect for any activity!


Again, most of these shorts are knee-length, so if you are on the shorter side I would pair with a crop top to elongate the figure.

Go for a darker color to avoid sheerness in the bum area. But, at the end of the day, cycling shorts are a must-have in any closet!


4) Air Forces

Air forces— yes, basic— but a staple pair of white shoes that go with EVERYTHING! Air forces are my favorite shoes, and they are so comfortable.

These can be worn to the gym because they have a flat sole, they can be worn to work, to dance, around the house, or even to make a cute outfit—cuter.

Nike has several designs, and though white is the most popular color, they have a lot of options for you to pick from


Highly recommend a pair of air forces to have in your closet!

5) Jean Jacket

Jean jackets go hand-in-hand with the jeans, but usually should not be paired together. When the jean jacket is oversized it is not only comfortable but cute and keeps you warm!


They sell the cutest jean jacket at Urban Outfitters, Pull and Bear, H and M, or Guess! I would again go for a lighter wash because it is more discreet, and pairs better with both light and dark clothes! A staple for your closet—seriously— you must own a jean jacket, especially in the Autumn.

6) Long-dress

This may be controversial, and seen as an outfit worn only when going out or at fancy dinners! You can easily dress it up by wearing heels and accessories, or dress it down by wearing a jean jacket and some cute air-forces—see you must own all pieces from this list!


I personally love darker colors with designs like flowers or polka-dots—super cute—and perfect for casual outings or even traveling!

7) Blazer

My FAVORITE must-have piece in the history of must-haves! You need a blazer in your closet, whether you need one for work or not.


I would advise buying a blazer that is out of the ordinary, which can then be paired with the cycling shorts previously mentioned. You can go for a longer blazer, and keep it closed, or open it and wear a shirt under. Seriously, you have so many options! Blazers will never do you wrong—it is a must-have in your closet, and I cannot stress this enough!

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8) Sweatpants/ Joggers

Sweatpants are perfect, and especially for the pandemic situation going on right now, this is all you need. We all know the love grey sweatpants get on social media, and everywhere else— they are extremely comfortable yet cute!

You can wear sweatpants when working out, walking around, working, running errands—literally anything!

I personally always go for joggers, especially recently with the COVID situation! The best joggers are bough at prettylittlething which is an online shop! You can find these anywhere, and don’t need to spend a whole paycheck on them—Walmart!!


9) Off the Shoulder Long-sleeve

Let’s face it, I haven’t been giving you outfits for fancy dinners or professional outings but this off the shoulder is perfect for all occasions! I love solid colors— black, white, grey—an option that can be paired with absolutely anything!

I’m going to blow your mind! Are you ready? Okay, pair the high-waisted mom jeans, with this off the shoulder shirt, a blazer, and the air forces previously mentioned! The most amazing outfit for going to school, working, traveling, and anything in between. I would encourage softer, orange colors to honor cold-weather and Halloween coming up. Ladies— this outfit is it!


Please have all these items in your closets!

10) Sunglasses

Sunglasses for us girls are more of a staple that makes or breaks the outfit rather than sun protection! We could be living in the coldest country on earth, but still, be wearing sunglasses. But, why?


Sunglasses are super cute—it’s an accessory that goes with all outfits. Like any other item, you need to pick them based on what fits your face, and what colors suit you. Usually, expensive sunglasses are the most overhyped ones, and are not worth all the money if indeed you do not wear them for the sun!

I like round sunglasses because my face is kind of long. Ladies, it is up to you to pick something that looks good on your face ad fits your style!


We have reached the end of items that we must have in our closets! Please share this with your friends so you guys can twin in the cutest and most comfortable outfits ever! Feel free to add to this in the comments!