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15 Things You Miss About Oswego During Break

15 Things You Miss About Oswego During Break

From the night life to the world class sunsets, Oswego students everywhere can agree that these 15 things are surely missed when away for summer break.

Oswego is a place like no other. From the night life to the world class sunsets, it would be hard to find a SUNY Oswego student that says they do not have a deep love for at least some part of the “Oswego Culture.” Oswego students everywhere can agree that these 15 things are surely missed when away for summer break.

1. The Sunsets

This is almost a given. Oswego sunsets are rated second in the world. It is hard to not miss having that calming view at our fingertips almost every single night.


2. Bridge Street

No matter what bar is your “go to,” Bridge Street provides quite the fun time every weekend. It is hard to compare to.

3. Your Best Friends

Those fools that you couldn’t do college without. We would all be lying If we said we didn’t miss our best friends endlessly by this point in the summer.


4. Chicken Patty Day

The infamous Oswego chicken patty is second to none. It may sound funny, but the dining hall lines on chicken patty day are no joke. The special food even has its own twitter account. (Shout out to @OzChickenPatty, follow them on twitter!)

5. Wonzones

This place is quite possibly the worst for your body, but you cannot resist their delicious calzones. Also, your time at Oswego isn’t complete unless you make it on their wall.



6. Hockey Nights in Oswego

Whether you are a hockey fan or not, you cannot help yourself but get rowdy when the Laker Men take the ice each weekend in the winter. The atmosphere in itself is enough to make students go crazy.

7. The Frats

Love them or hate them, something about them makes you miss them and their cheap beer.


8. The Lake Views

From almost everywhere in Oswego there is an Instagramable Lake Ontario view. We often take the idea of being steps away from the lake for granted in Oswego, that is until we head home for break and do not have it daily.

9. The “Pregame”

There are few better feelings than getting ready for a night out with all your best friends around you. You are all looking and feeling your best, nothing is better. Also the pregame pictures are normally the classiest, and the most Instagram worthy. (Shout out to my best friends! We kill the pregame, every time)

10. The Cute Town

Believe it or not, there are so many hidden gems in Oswego. Between the world class cupcakes at Cupcakers to the melt in your mouth burgers at Dinos.


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11. Dartying

Are you really an Oswego student if you haven’t found yourself at a partying before noon on a nice Oswego day?


12. Living “Your Own Life”

Now don’t get me wrong I love my family but in Oswego you develop your “own” life so fast. It is hard to come back home and step down a bit during break.


13. The Farmer’s Markets & Fairs

Oswego annually holds multiple farmer’s markets and fairs. It is a great time to wander the town and enjoy the community. It helps you respect the community, especially when you leave.


14. The Constant Schedule

In summer, I know my schedule gets crazy, in a fun way. But sometimes I do find myself missing my set schedule at school.

15. The People

You find yourself not only missing your best friends, but everyone in general. Oswego is a special place and you find yourself missing a lot more people than you thought you would… Yes, even that random fling!

Only a few short weeks until we are all back living our best Oswego lives! Get ready!

What are some other things you miss about Oswego during break? Share in the comments below!
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