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22 Things You Learn Very Quickly After Moving To NYC

22 Things You Learn Very Quickly After Moving To NYC

Whether you move for work or school, you will start to see a different side of the city very quickly. Here are 25 things you learn after moving to NYC.

Whether you move to the Big Apple for work or school, you will start to see a different side of the city very quickly. Here are 22 things you will learn after moving to NYC!

1. You must do everything faster.

Everyone has somewhere to be, and they needed to be there five minutes ago. Pick up the pace and start moving.

2. Personal space does not exist anymore.

Crowded subways, crowded sidewalks, crowded bars. You get the point.


3. Everything smells.

That stairway that smells like hot garbage? Yeah it’s normal. We suggest investing in multiple air fresheners for your apartment so you don’t spend each day smelling what the people below you had for lunch.

4. Tourists. Everywhere.

Even if you used to be one, you will now despise any slow walking tourist you get stuck behind. Not to mention, they always seem to walk in large herds that are impossible to get around.

5. Living is expensive.

Rent is high for places way smaller than you’re used to. To make the great apartment hunt less of a struggle, try using Triplemint. This team is amazing at helping people, especially recent college grads, find apartments within their budget and without the hassle.


6. Sometimes, walking is much quicker than taking a taxi.

If you have somewhere to be, give yourself a lot of extra time because the traffic situation is no joke, and most of the time it’ll take longer to take a taxi than if you just speed walked (also you get to burn some more calories #fitspo.)

7. The subway is like free entertainment.

Break dancers sliding down the poles? A mariachi band traveling from car to car? It’s all there.

8. Good apartments are hard to find.

Using Triplemint’s rent calculator and personalized service, you can make things a lot easier for yourself during this exhausting process. 


 9. The best meal of the day is brunch.

Did someone say bottomless? NYC has some of the best brunch spots and probably the most restaurants with bottomless brunch in one vicinity.

10. New York has the best bagels and pizza.

Never underestimate the power of a $1 slice. And the best part is that if you want that slice of pizza at 4 a.m., you will have no problem finding an open pizza shop.

11. The seasons change just about every day.

If you’re not already from the northeast, trying to figure out the weather will be a constant battle. During spring and fall, it’ll rain one day, snow the next and be 75 and sunny the next day. You should probably invest in a compact umbrella just to be prepared for anything.


12. Your legs will get a lot of exercise.

You will spend most of your days walking and walking…and walking. Now you won’t have to feel as bad for skipping the gym as often as you do…just make sure to get a good pair of sneakers.

13. Your Instagram game will go way up.

You will never run out of cool photos to take and super artsy backdrops to pose in front of. Time to rack in those likes!

14. It’s tough living here.

You will get a lot of rejections when you’re looking for a job. Or date. Or apartment. Or anything, just remember not to give up!


15. You have to remind yourself why you came here.

Your limits will be tested, but don’t lose yourself in the grind of the city.

16. Everyone is cool.

From fashion to looks to attitudes, you will marvel at just how unique everyone is. You might just find, over time, that your coolness level has gone up as well.

17. Always have a backup plan.

Your trusty subway line will decide to have a delay on the day you’re already running late for that important meeting. Time to switch lines, hail a cab or book it ten blocks because you’ve already mastered the system.

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18. You can never be bored.

You’ll never run out of something to do no matter what time of day it is. It is the city that never sleeps after all, and there are new adventures around every corner.

19. There is much more to the city than Times Square and Central Park.

Every picture you’ve probably seen of NYC in the past has included one of the two, but the city has sooo much more to offer than just these.


20. It’s overwhelming to say the least.

You will feel completely overwhelmed by everything the city throws at you. Stay strong, you got this.

21. It’s a world of its own.

But no matter how overwhelmed you feel, you’ll realize you can’t really put into words just how magnificent the city is.

22. There’s no place you’d rather be.

Because with everything you learn, you still know that New York is the greatest place on earth and you will never, ever leave.



What else do you learn after moving to NYC? Let us know in the comments!

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