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7 Things You Know You Miss From UMass

7 Things You Know You Miss From UMass

In anticipation of the fall at UMass, we've listed seven things we miss from Amherst this summer. What do you miss the most from our list?

Finals really killed you and you couldn’t wait to escape.  The weather got warmer and you couldn’t stand sitting in class anymore. You missed your friends from home and couldn’t wait for summer. It felt great to post that goodbye snap as you drove away knowing you were done with all the assignment deadlines. But now that summer is here, the only thing you want to do is run back home to the zoo. Here are seven things we know you miss from UMass.

1. Having all your friends nearby

You don’t realize how much you love your UMass friends until you don’t have the option to see them everyday.  Given it is a state university, there’s a good chance some of your friends still live in Massachusetts. However, there is no way your whole crew lives close. Odds are most live a couple hours, states, or even countries away.


2. Grab and go

Food you don’t have to prepare, ready for you to just take whenever you need it. I can’t explain how much this is taken for granted when you don’t have to cook for yourself every day or  how much you miss it when you’re running late for work and don’t have the time to make something to eat.

3. Class

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4. Service dogs in training everywhere

We know we can’t pet them, we know we can’t distract them, but we can look at them and forever be thankful for their presence on our campus.

5. Hitting up Antonio’s Pizza after 11pm

I think the lines down the sidewalk every night are proof that none of us can resit the intoxicating smell of Antonio’s once the sun goes down.  There really is no better feeling than ending your night with the best pizza in town.

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6. Parties

We all need to get together to relieve our stress sometimes.  It was so much easier when we had over 20,000 people who needed the same thing.  Get togethers at home are usually much much smaller and a lot less exciting.

7. Late night at Berk

The idea of knowing there was some magical, premade junk food waiting for you till 12am and it was just a swipe away was so reassuring. Late night was always there for you when you really needed it. Pulling an all nighter? Better hit up late night.  Leaving a boring party early? Better hit up late night. Forgot to eat dinner? Better hit up late night.

Just remember, summer’s only a month longer. Soon you’ll be reunited with all of the things you miss from UMass! It won’t be too long till you’re packing up your tailgate outfits for another year of livin’ it up with your favorite minuteman Sam.

What do you miss from UMass? Let us know below!
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