10 Things You Have To Have In Your Purse For A Night Out

Anything can happen during a night out on the town and it always feels good to be prepared. Here are ten things to have in your purse for a night out.

Take on the night with everything you might need right at your fingertips.  You can never predict what might happen during a night out, but you can try to prepare as best you can.  Having the right thing in your purse just might save your night from a major malfunction.  Here are 10 things to have in your purse for a night out on the town.

1. Lip Stick Or Gloss

Lip gloss or lipstick is a quick way to instantly up your night out look at any time.  Always be sure to pack the lip stick or gloss that you’ve chosen to wear for the night in your purse in case it begins to fade or smudge throughout the night.  This will keep your makeup looking fresh and put together all night long.

10 Things You Have To Have In Your Purse For A Night Out

2. Hair Ties

Let’s be real, it goes DOWN on the dance floor and it gets hot while dancing the night away with your besties! A hair tie can become an actual life saver and help you keep cool while breaking out your best dance moves.  Having a hair tie can also prevent your hair from becoming overly sweaty underneath which can cause it to become frizzy and out of control.

10 Things You Have To Have In Your Purse For A Night Out

3. Safety Pins

The OG quick fix for a wardrobe malfunction.  A safety pin is capable of fixing, or helping the cause, anytime there is a wardrobe malfunction during a night out.  They also don’t take up much space at all in your purse.  These are always handy to have and can save you from having to turn in early due to a malfunction.

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4. Cash

Some bars require a cover and most of the time they will only accept it in cash form.  It’s always best to be prepared just in case the squad decides to hit up a bar with a cover.  $20 dollars should be a safe amount to always have on you.  You don’t want to be that girl who asks to bum cover money off of your friend.

10 Things You Have To Have In Your Purse For A Night Out

5. Two Forms Of ID

This is another picky and unexpected requirement that some bars enforce.  Along with a photo ID, make sure you bring along another form of Identification with you such as a credit or debit card.  Nothing spoils a night out quite like not getting into the bar because you don’t have the proper forms with you.

10 Things You Have To Have In Your Purse For A Night Out

6.  Perfume

Perfume is good to have on you at all times just in case.  It especially comes in handy during a night out that includes dancing and close contact with people in small spaces.

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7. Gum Or Mints

A game changer.  Gum or mints will always come in handy on a night out.  Whether you have a bad taste in your mouth, get sick or end up locking lips with someone you met while out, you will be thankful that you packed this in your purse.

8. Mini Brush Or Comb

Although it may seem uncommon, you can find travel sized brushes or combs and many drug stores.  Your hair can get crazy during a night out and having these tools on hand can help keep you looking fresh and put together all night.

10 Things You Have To Have In Your Purse For A Night Out

9. Tampons

Simply packing this necessity if you are close to getting your period can save from an embarrassing situation or desperately asking random girls in the bathroom to help you out.  You’ll always be happy you packed even just one or two tampons with you for a night out just in case.

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10. Portable Charger

Having a charged phone is so important during a night out.  It allows you to keep in touch with your friend so you don’t become separated and lost and will also help you get home at the end of the night.  This is a MUST to pack with you in your purse.

What do you consider to be an absolute MUST to have in your purse when you hit the town for a night out? Let us know in the comments below!
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