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10 Things You Have To Do To Limit Your Screen Time

10 Things You Have To Do To Limit Your Screen Time

Many of us have a pretty long screen time. Whether it’s watching Netflix for your chill night in, watching YouTube videos when you are having lunch or even writing your research essay at the library. These all add to your overall screen time and let’s be honest, it could be shocking! Since using technology is pretty inevitable these days, here are some tips you need to know to limit your screen time.

1. Pick Up A Hobby That Does Not Involve Using A Screen

Many of us go on social media when we are bored and most of the time this leads to a black hole of perpetual scrolling. Start a hobby that does not involve using screens is a good way of trying to limit your screen time. Try anything from knitting, yoga, baking or even learning a new language will help you learn to spend time without your phone. It will definitely prevent you from going on your phone just because you are bored.

2. Avoid Watching Movies/ Using Your Screen In Bed

It is scientifically proven that using your screen in bed will add to bad quality sleeps. Make your bed a screen-free zone will help you to sleep better. Besides, we all know that watching movies and using your phone in bed eventually leads to you staying up way past your bedtime because you end up binge-watching all the latest movies at once. Creating a screen-free zone will keep you away from distractions and focus on your quality night sleep.


3. Avoid Checking Your Phone First Thing In The Morning

It might surprise you how much it adds to your screen time by just checking your phone in the morning. It is also psychologically bad for you as it creates the idea of catching up with everything you missed when you went to bed. This could start your day on an anxious note and it is not good for your mental health at all.

4. Listen To Podcasts/ Audio Books

This could be an alternative for your typical Netflix/YouTube marathons. Although you are still using tech products when you are listening to podcasts and audiobooks, it will significantly decrease your screen time. This is perfect for those who cannot survive without technology.

5. Start A Journal

Starting a journal and writing everything down with physical pen and paper could also be very therapeutic especially for those who already live a pretty technology-heavy life. Using a journal will significantly decrease your screen time and boost your creativity at the same time!


6. Set A Limit On Your Phone

It can be quite hard for you to limit your screen time especially when you are already addicted to social media. Setting a physical limit on your screen time could be a start when you are trying to decrease your screen usage. There are many apps that will allow you to set a limit to your screen time and also allows you to control your screen time.

7. Reflect On Your Screen Time

If you spend a lot of time on a certain app it might be useful to reflect on whether or not you are seeing meaningful content. Really think about the purpose of using this app and why you are using it for such a long time. It is particularly to important to remind us that social media does not reflect on real life and the balance has to be right.

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8. Limit Multitasking

Don’t try to start a new task when you are in the middle of something. This will seriously lower your productivity and eventually leaves you distracted. You will probably end up doing some mindless scrolling which adds to your screen time overall.

9. Don’t Use Your Phone At Mealtimes

Allow yourself to have some real-life connection with others during mealtimes. This is an opportunity for you to engage freely without any screen distraction. It is also important to train your brain to take a break from using the screen.

10. Set A Fixed Sleeping Schedule

This could help with limiting screen distraction and it is also an effective way of ensuring you have screen time under control. Having a fixed sleeping schedule will also help you to achieve a quality night’s sleep.



So here are some of the tips for those who are looking to limit your screen time. If you have any other useful tips then comment below to let us know!

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