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5 Things You Feel when Leaving a Bad Relationship

5 Things You Feel when Leaving a Bad Relationship

5 Things You Feel when Leaving a Bad Relationship 

Leaving a bad relationship can be a tricky thing. There are several reasons why a person would leave a bad relationship. I’ve been in two bad relationships to date and both had different reasons but I was stuck with the same feelings.  It can put you in a tender space and in a recovery mode. It did take a toll on me and my mental health, not knowing the damage I was allowing by staying in those relationships. 

These feelings are temporary if we allow them to be. Emotions are meant to be fleeting and a place we pass through but not dwell in for a long time. These feelings are inevitable but it is ways and things to do to help ease the side effects from a bad relationship. One thing is for sure, it is better for you to recognize these passing feelings than allowing them to live rent free for life!


Feeling anxious or worried after a break up is normal. I know for me, feelings of doubt and fear forms. Not knowing what to expect or fear of making the wrong decision plagues my mind. After investing time and feelings into someone, it can make you feel like you are leaving empty handed. I’m here to tell you that is far from the truth! 


We make decisions based on reasoning and there had to be reason for the break up. Being responsible for our mental and emotional health comes with boundaries. When those boundaries are crossed by a partner we are put in a position to choose ourselves or our partner. That decision makes alot of anxiety but trust yourself enough to know you are right!


Being lost after a relationship that has ended can be hard. As humans we thrive on relationships to get through life and make connections along the way. Part of that process is we link our identity at times to that relationship. As time goes on, the more we spend time with an individual we become entangled in their existence. You may notice you start using their lingo, liking the same food they like and other things. So, when we break apart from that, we feel a sense of losing part of ourselves.


It is not unusual, especially if the relationship was a long term one. It is all going to be OK. Just get back up! This is the time to get back into a routine that compliments the part of you you are sure about. Take back your power and identity, you may even discover new things that you love. Here’s to finding yourself again! 


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! This one is a tough pill to swallow due to its bitterness. Literally! Leaving a relationship on good terms or bad can leave a slight taste of bitterness. Depending on the severity of the bad, it can leave a whole lot of bitterness. I’ve been there, a relationship doesn’t work out the way you had imagined and you are left with alot of feelings. 


These feelings can brew into a stew full of anger which hurts the person feeling it alot more. It sucks when we are wronged by the one we adore, its just we shouldn’t let that interfere with our love for life. These feelings can stop us from relationships that can possibly help us. After a specific break up, I shyed away from everyone. Taking some time out is good, just don’t let past hurt keep you on a lonely island.


Take heart! Yes, relief is possible! Being in an unhealthy relationship can put a dent on life. Toxic, abusive and one sided relationships all attack the mental and emotional stability of a person. Its like having bad air quality for a long period of time. Inhaling and taking all these bad fumes are doing damage internally.


Once you’ve gotten away from that air quality into a pure habitat, it makes a world of a difference. It feels good to let your shoulders drop and breathe freely. Being caught in the fishnet of a toxic relationship is uncomfortable,  all the time. It can be that itch you can not scratch but in this case you have total control on pulling the plug. So, when you break free just enjoy the relief of being free! 

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Hello beautiful! A smile looks good on everyone! Joy is such a wonderful feeling especially after going through a bad relationship. Joy is actually one of the first things to go when you are in a bad relationship. The roller coaster of the relationship causes more stress than happiness. I’ve experienced that too! 

Even when you have those moments of happiness, the overall toxicity of the environment kills everything. It is not worth to have on your mental boxing gloves with someone who you adore. You shoulders be enjoying love and life. Not everything will be perfect but there is a difference between a lovers quarrel and constant toxicity. So, Welcome Joy with open arms! Embrace it with open arms because you deserve it!


I can empathize with all the feelings that comes with breaking off a bad relationship. It can be a tough time to go through in life. I’m a firm believer in that situations are meant to make us stronger. Relationships are not as easy to navigate when you’ve been hurt and trying to cope with the loss. This happens to everyone at some point in life. So don’t feel alone in this.

Bad relationships can break anyone but it is important to understand that these feelings will pass. Not allowing these feelings to over take your life is important. Yes it hurts and it doesn’t feel the best! But please understand feelings are temporary. A close door or opportunity is just another opportunity for something better to come along. Go through the process and allow it to turn you into the best person possible!

What feeling have you experienced? Have you had a bad breakup? How did you handle that experience?