10 Things You Experience At The Tech Center At Temple University

Have you experienced the wonders that exist within the Tech Center at Temple University? No? Don’t worry though, because Society19 is here to help. People watching is fun but there are just funny things that happen on a normal basis that we just can’t help but tell you.

1. Attempted all-nighters

This is never a good idea… we both know that but I don’t think this person does.

2. Getting called out for eating

*With food stuffed in mouth* Did you say something?

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3. Piano room is either a study room or an inspiration room for musicians

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just watching.”

4. Two kinds of people – people watching Netflix and the ones that make us look bad.

I mean, there is nothing wrong with breaks.

5. Caffeine is your best friend?

Monster, Red bull, Starbucks, Hot and Iced Coffee YOU NAME IT.

6. If you find seats, you got lucky.

You can check here if you want to know if there are seats available and choose “available seating.”

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7. People who basically live there and never seems to go home.

8. The main zones explained

RED is the loudest with the hottest gossip
ORANGE is the most monitored one
YELLOW zone is the quietest

9. You MUST book break out rooms in advance.

People love their break out rooms.

10. Fireplace screensavers

In the words of my friend, “WHY?”

What do you think of the Tech Center at Temple University?
Featured photo source: etcjournal.com
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Sofia Thomson

Sofia was born and raised in Philadelphia. She's a rising senior at Temple, majoring in psychology on a pre-PT track. The first love of her life is food as it has never failed to lift her up. The second love(s) of her life are definitely her friends. She's a huge Korean drama fanatic and could sit there and watch it for days...except of course when she's hungry again. She likes to draw, but words are how she likes to express herself the best. Her experience at Temple has been anything but cliché and she's still learning a lot about herself and the world around her, and she wants to use her words to share that experience with others.