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Things You Don’t Want To Forget For College Move-In Day

It’s finally college move-in day. You’ve been patiently waiting for this very day for the past two to three months, give or take. Your parents and friends from your hometown help you carry all of your heavy belongings up the three flights it takes to make it to your room, and you start to get situated. After an hour or two of getting things together, you say your farewells to your family and friends and they head back home. You’re free!

About an hour goes by and you start settling in and getting comfortable when suddenly, you realize something. YOU FORGOT YOUR PILLOWS. You panic and call your family, but they’re too far to turn around. Now you’re in your dorm with no means of transportation, forced to go a night without any head support.

Unfortunately, these type of things happen more often than you may know. Packing can be overwhelming, which makes it extremely easy to forget something important. To not end up in that type of situation, check out this list of essentials to make sure your college move-in day is a successful one!

Bath and Bedding

These are the essentials you’ll find yourself using just about every day, so be sure to double or triple check that you have everything you need that falls under this umbrella. Bedding necessities you’ll want to bring include your sheets, comforters, pillows, and pillowcases, mattress pad if you plan on using one, and maybe a rug for the foot of your bed.

As far as your bathroom, you can either be simple and just cover the absolute needs, or you can go all out with the decoration. Either way, make sure you at least have a shower liner, shower curtains, toothbrush and soap holder, bath and face towels, and bathroom mats for when you step out the shower. Bring all your grooming needs, too!

Laundry Needs

Assuming you’ll at least remember to bring clothes with you to your college move-in day, what you don’t want to do is forget the things you’ll need to wash them. First off, bring a laundry bag or hamper with you. You definitely won’t find it fun having to carry an entire load of clothes by hand to the washing machine. Second, be sure to steal (just kidding, ask nicely before taking) some laundry detergent and bleach from your parents’ house. It will come in clutch, trust me. Laundry needs definitely aren’t just laying around and out for the taking in college. It’s every man for themselves.

Food, Food, Food

If you’ve already experienced a college move-in day and this isn’t your first rodeo, you already know the importance of this point of the article. If you haven’t, I’m about to tell you. It is IMPORTANT. There WILL be several long walks to the fridge at midnight for a snack. You will start to appreciate grocery shopping like never before. Be sure to stock up on a good food stash that’ll last you!

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And even better, get a mini refrigerator if you have the luxury of doing so! It’ll be worth it. Your snacks will always remain safe and within arms reach.


Your college move-in day just isn’t complete without the certainty of having all of your devices. Being millennials, this will probably be the hardest to forget, but you should double check anyway! Make sure you have your  TV, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. and don’t forget their chargers and all necessary cords!

Checking all of these essentials off your list should assure an easy and successful college move-in day. Now the hardest part is actually getting up and moving everything!

Is your college move-in day coming up? What’s on your list of essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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