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Things You Start To Do When You’re A Concert Junkie

Things You Start To Do When You’re A Concert Junkie

Are you a concert junkie? If you agree or have ever experienced the points we include in this article then the odds are you are probably a concert junkie.
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For me, it started in seventh grade at One Direction’s “Take Me Home” Tour. Ever since then, I have been a hardcore concert goer, spending too much money on tickets and always hoping my favorite artists come to my city on their next tour. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the excessive amount of concerts I’ve attended, it’s that concert junkies understand concert junkies. With that being said, there are things all of us do and can relate to. Check out this list of things you start to do when you’re a concert junkie and see how many you can check off!

Spend Money You Don’t Have On Tickets

When it comes to concerts, there’s nothing more important, including your savings. Other people indulge in clothes or electronics, but for a concert junkie, your cash is heading straight to Ticketmaster.

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Have A Concert Buddy

With the amount of concerts you attend, finding someone new to go with to each one is near impossible. So, you have a concert buddy: someone who has the same music taste as you and is just as much as a concert junkie.

Follow Radio Stations on Twitter

When your favorite band is coming to town, you want every opportunity you can get to see them, meet them, maybe even be front row for them. To do this, you know radio stations have giveaways all the time for concert tickets and meet and greets, so you follow their twitters to keep up with when you should be listening in.

Designate a Pair of Pit Shoes

Concerts can get messy, especially if you are in the general admission pit. People are pressed up against each other and pushing toward the front, so naturally feet are stepped on. To avoid ruining your favorite pair of shoes, you designate a pair of “pit shoes” that can get a little dirty.


Get Anxious/Excited At The Sight of Ticketmaster

It’s two minutes till tickets go on sale, your heart is beating fast, your palms are sweaty and your fingers are slightly shaking. You prepare yourself to quickly hit refresh, hoping you’ll get through and score some killer seats. Even when you aren’t buying tickets, the Ticketmaster site just slightly puts you on edge from all of your either joyful or disappointing memories associated with it.

Immediately Check For Your City On Tour Announcements

Your favorite artist just announced their new tour! You quickly glance through the list of cities, and you either sigh in relief or disappointment at what you see. Hopefully it’s relief most of the time.

Clear All Plans For Your Next Concert

Your sister is getting married on that day? Shame, you’ll have to take a rain check. I’m kidding…kind of.


Remember Your Months As The Concert You Went To During It

Oh October of my sophomore year in high school? That’s when I was front row in the pit for Twenty One Pilots! When recounting memories, especially if they are during high school or college, you remember months as the concerts you attended during them. I can’t tell if this is sad or kind of sweet.  

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See The Same People At Concerts

When you consistently go to concerts for the same band or just within the same genre, you start to see some familiar faces. If the pit is your “seat” of choice at concerts, a concert junkie will really know your concert crowds when you show up hours before the event to wait in line.


Show Up Early For Concerts

When you get general admission for the first time, you may have had the mistake of showing up thirty minutes before the show and getting stuck in the back, on your tippy toes, trying to see over the tall guy in front of you. This time around, you know the drill and show up hours before the concert of your favorite artist to ensure you can get up close and personal.

Get A Go-To Concert Outfit

Ok, so maybe you don’t wear the same outfit to every single concert, but you typically wear variations of the same type of outfit. Whether you always reach for jean shorts and a crop top or that little black dress, you have a common idea of what you are wearing to your next concert.

Get An Attachment To GA Wristbands

When you see your favorite band in concert, you want to hold onto every memory from that night, including your GA wristband. Once you’ve worn it for days past the concert, you finally force yourself to take it off but still hold on to it as a keepsake.


Get The “Storage Full” Notification ALL THE TIME

After all the concerts you’ve been to, you’ve taken quite a few videos at each. They add up and you start getting “Storage Full” notifications every time you open your phone. Rather than letting go of any of those videos, you find every other thing you can delete on your phone.

So how many of these concert junkie habits could you relate to? Let us know in the comments!

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