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15 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your College Apartment

15 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your College Apartment

This year at University of Georgia, a lot of apartments on campus opened up to incoming freshmen. Apartments are drastically different from dorm rooms, and some even have full kitchens, so it is essential that you are prepared for life in an apartment if you’re getting one. Having an apartment definitely has its pros, like more space and more amenities, but it also means more responsibility! So here are 15 things you didn’t know you needed for your college apartment!

1. A Nice Smelling Air Freshener

Lets face it. These apartments aren’t brand new, and they probably won’t smell the greatest. Having an air freshener in your apartment, whether it is a spray bottle or a wall plug in, really helps give the air a fresh, clean smell.


2. Command Hooks

Command hooks make it easier to hang things like lights, tapestries, pictures, and other decorations. It also doesn’t create a huge mess like nails, and are easy to apply and take off when you’re moving in/out.


3. Disinfecting Wipes

Life gets a little messy sometimes. Keep your apartment germ free by using disinfecting wipes when there are spills, or just to clean up. It’ll keep your bathroom and kitchen sparkling and clean.

4. Electric Fan

The Apartments do have A/C, but sometimes you just need a little more, especially in those hot months like August or May. Keeping a fan around keeps the apartment or room cold, which is good when a lot of people are over and the air gets a bit more heated.

5. First Aid Kit

This is one of the most overlooked items you need for your apartment. Small accidents can happen, and it’s always good to have things like bandages or alcohol wipes on hand to keep you and your roommates safe.


6. Futon Or Air Mattress 

Some apartments have unfurnished living rooms. This is why it’s convenient to have a futon for guests to sit on when they come over to visit. It’s even better when the futon can fold into a bed, or if you have an air mattress, in case your friends or significant other decides to stay over.


7. Hanging Shoe Organizer

More than likely, you are bringing more than one pair of shoes to your apartment. An easy way to save space and keep all your shoes organized is a hanging shoe organizer. You can hang it in a closet or behind a door. Getting a clear one helps you see all your options at once, and it makes getting out the door in the morning a lot easier.

8. Full Length Mirror

With multiple roommates running around, getting ready in the morning can be a struggle. Having a full length mirror in your apartment allows you to see your whole outfit, and it just helps to have another mirror around when your roommates are hogging the bathroom mirror.


9. Ice Cube Tray

Some apartments have refrigerators that do not come with an ice maker. To save yourself the hassle of buying ice or finding the nearest ice machine, invest in two or three ice cube trays.

10. Laundry Basket

Unfortunately, some apartments don’t come with their own washer and dryer. Keep a laundry basket around to make the trip from your apartment to the laundry room a bit easier.


11. A Safe

This is especially useful if you’re bringing valuables to campus or if you or your roommates are the type to have a lot of people over frequently. Having a safe makes sure that your valuables are locked up and secure.

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12. Shower Organizer

You’re going to be living with other people, so it makes sense to have a shower organizer to keep all the different shampoos, body washes, and cleansers organized. It keeps your bathroom clean, and it saves a lot more space as opposed to leaving all the bottles in different spots.

13. Steamer

You’re bound to need nice clothes for a presentation, meeting, date, etc, and your clothes are bound to get wrinkly. A steamer is more practical than an iron board because it saves space and is faster and easier to use.


14. Vacuum, Broom And Dustpan

A vacuum is essential to keeping your floors clean and your apartment dust free. Buy a smaller one to save space, and to make cleaning after that party a bit easier.


15. Water Filter Pitcher

This is a really good investment that people don’t usually think of. All you have to do is fill it with sink water, and you have clean water to drink. It saves you a ton of walking to the nearest water fountain, and it also saves you money so you won’t have to constantly buy water bottles.

15 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your College Apartment
These are 15 things you didn’t know you needed for your college apartment! Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below!
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