10 Things You Didn’t know Going Into Your Senior Year That You Know Now

10 Things You Didn’t know Going Into Your Senior Year That You Know Now

Senior year is coming to a close and you’re wondering just how you got here! From the questions your asking now that you have a lot to think about to the upcoming sadness you’ll have to overcome. Here are some things you didn’t know going into senior year that you know and are thinking about right now!

1. The Real World Is Coming 

There is nothing more scarier than the thought that soon, you’ll be headed into the real world with so many responsibilities you never knew about. Soon you’ll be wondering how to get to work on time, How to live on your own without parents loaning you money! You’re job you have during school will not compare to the work you’ll be doing with your new degree you’re about to get soon!

2. Your Debt Is Coming 

Don’t forget that loans are to be paid back. You had a great four years stacking them up like dominoes and not they’re about to fall and you have to pick your payments. Should you go with the fastest option? or the cheapest option? It’s crazy how six months from graduations you’ll be tested with budgeting and how you’ll be able to pay back those loans you were happy to take years before! 

10 Things You Didn’t know Going Into Your Senior Year That You Know Now

3. Graduation Is So Close

You are so close to graduating with your great degree! You only have a handful of classes left that you have to pass! Senior year will go by so fast, you won’t see it coming! Don’t forget that this is the time to relax and enjoy your time before you are lost in the real world, trying to survive!

Just think, You’ll be lining up some Saturday in May then waiting three to four hours to receive a piece of paper that you worked your butt off to get! It sounds great to be able to finally get the degree you worked for! But remember, this last semester and a half will make you wish you were a junior again, not filling out forms and getting your loans situated!

4. Apartment Shopping Is Coming

The best part about graduating is being able to look for apartments! You’ll have to hunt for a job first, but once you get one, the apartment shopping should come easy since it’s during the time of year that everything is being put up for sale! Just remember, Senior year can be spent trying to find the right style you are looking for! You don’t have to start after you find a job, You can always do it before!

5. Job Hunting 

Job hunting is the worst part. Although exciting, it can be one of the most nerve racking things you’ll ever do in your early 20’s. Besides feeding yourself, looking for jobs should be the most important thing you are doing before you graduate. You’ll want to walk across that stage and know that you have a great job lined out and ready to start two week from then.

The last part of your senior year is going to be very hectic and worrisome, but with the right guidance from your adviser, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running after graduation!

10 Things You Didn’t know Going Into Your Senior Year That You Know Now

6. Money Will Be A Problem

Don’t be afraid of money! Trying to sort your finances will be the first struggle you’ll get through after your senior year. There is nothing you need to worry about. Money is always going to be something to worry about and if you can’t afford something; try to find a way to eliminate it or cut something else out of your budget!

When you get out of school, you’ll think you can afford almost anything, but the truth is, you’ll be able to figure it out! You can cut everything out of your budget, but it wouldn’t be very fun! 

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7. Other Debt 

You may have other debt on your plate after senior year. If you bought a car recently, you might have a loan you’re paying back or paying back your parents because of somethings they paid for while you were in college. Whatever the case may be, don’t forget about it. You don’t want it to stack up!

Having a bad credit score is not good if you just moved somewhere and need to get new car insurance or anything that will need to check your credit score. Don’t be afraid of it. Your score is based on if you’re paying your loans on time and how many load you have taken out! Don’t be scared of it, it’s all a part of the real world!

8. There’s No Homework In The Real World

Congratulations! You just entered a world where school homework no long exsists. You’ll have many nine to five days and weekends off! You’ll be able to feel a knew smell of freedom in this world that you never thought possible! The first day you have working at your new job, you’ll be able to taste the working life that you’ll be subjected to for the rest of your life! This isn’t a bad thing and nothing you do from here on out, will be graded or for any GPA upgrade!

10 Things You Didn’t know Going Into Your Senior Year That You Know Now

n you’ll be on your own, maybe in a new city, trying to find your way through people on the sidewalk you won’t see more than once! You’ll be Wondering how you’re going to pay your bills and or just simply, how to pay your bills. Is it electronic? Do you have to write a check? Maybe, what is a check?

10. Being Able To Succeed 

After your senior year, you’ll have the chance to try to succeed in life. You’ll have many ups and downs. Many hurtles to go over. Many successes you’ll proudly call your family about and brag while they chuckle because they do that everyday! Success can come in many forms, maybe you bought your own food on time and didn’t get lost going home! Maybe you hoped in the right T to get to your job today!

10 Things You Didn’t know Going Into Your Senior Year That You Know Now

Have you been thinking about this lately? Do you have an advice to students graduating? Tell us in the comments below!

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