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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Syracuse University

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Syracuse University

10 Things You Didn't Know About Syracuse University

Syracuse has many traditions and weird facts that you may have not known about during your time here! Here are 10 interesting things you probably did not know about Syracuse University!

1.Syracuse receives more snowfall than any other US city.

Makes those snow banks feel a little more special!

2. The dome is the largest dome in the northeast, as well as the largest college dome stadium.

The loud house structure is not very common.


3. Syracuse University was the first school to offer a B.A in 1874!

“We did it first” can actually be used here.

4. Jim Boeheim received the record for most wins at a single University in 2012.

He is considered a god here for a reason.

5.Before we were Orange, we were pink and green.

Rose pink and pea green are not as intimidating as Orange, that’s for sure.


6. We got our mascot because there wasn’t one.

After Cuse dropped the Saltine warrior and changed our colors, students came to a game as an orange blob because they did not know what else to wear, and it stuck.

7. Faculty is a hidden gem on campus.

This restaurant style dining hall has a menu and waiters, but takes meal swipes. Definitely fun for a change in routine.

8. Tree of 40 fruits.

There is a genetically engineered tree in front of Hinds Hall (the iSchool) that can produce 40 different fruits. Created by a professor on campus looking for peaches, almonds, plums, cherries and many more.

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9. Hendricks Chapel.

The chapel on campus is the third largest college chapel. You can also find People’s Place in the basement.

10. People’s Place.

In the basement of Hendricks you can find this non-profit coffee shop. It is also the only place on campus where you can find Coke products, and if you go there when they have pastries you know you will have a good day.

Are there any other interesting facts about Syracuse University that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

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