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6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without

6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without

There are several things you need to bring to the airport or else you won’t be allowed to board a plane. Such items include ID, Passport (for those traveling internationally), and boarding pass. Besides those necessities, there are several things you need to bring in order to survive the long flight. Here are 6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without:

1. Headphones:

Before boarding a plane, don’t forget to bring headphones! They can be used in multiple ways, such as blocking out noises (screaming, snoring, and crying babies, to name a few), listening to music, and watching movies or TV Shows. Before heading to the airport, don’t forget to pack them! Although you can purchase some at any airport kiosk before boarding a plane, most items sold there are typically overpriced. 

6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without

2. Entertainment:

Prior to boarding a plane, one doesn’t know what movies/entertainment options his/her flight will offer. Some airline companies offer individual TV screens with multiple channels while others offer a plethora of movies to choose from So, the best bet is to come prepared. Download a bunch of movies, TV Shows, books, and games on electronic devices such as a laptop, phone, and/or iPad before boarding a plane. Another option is to purchase the in-flight Wifi service so you can browse the web or watch Netflix during your flight. 

3. Food & Water:

If you are not a fan of airplane food, prepare some food to bring before heading out to the airport. Another option is to buy a meal or some snacks from the restaurants or newsstands in the terminal before you board a plane. There are plenty of options to choose from in the terminal. 

While we all know liquids have to be tossed out during the TSA Security Checks, you can still buy a water bottle from one of the restaurants or newsstands prior to boarding a plane. In addition, you can also bring an empty nondisposable water bottle with you and fill it up after going through security. It is best to have some food and water with you prior to boarding a plane in the event of an emergency where the plane is grounded for whatever the reason and all passengers aren’t allowed to get off. It could be hours before anyone can get off!!

6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without

4. Portable Charger and All Other Chargers:

Most airlines today provide USB and electrical outlets for charging your electronic devices in-flight, so it is best to come prepared with having any of your chargers (iPhone, laptop, iPad, Kindle, etc.) in your carry-on before you board a plane. In the event that the airline of your flight doesn’t have a USB outlet, be sure to buy a portable charger before your departure day. Portable chargers are life savers!

6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without

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5. Compression Socks:

Regardless of how long your flight is, you will be stuck in your seat for most of the time. Sitting down in your seat for a long period of time, especially in a confined space, can result in blood clots potentially forming in the deep veins of your legs. The longer you are immobile, the greater the chances are. To help prevent this, be sure to pack compression socks in your carry-on before boarding a plane. Compression socks help keep the blood flowing and are lightweight. Additional perks of these socks include that they won’t make your feet stink and they can be worn while walking in humid weather conditions.

6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without

6. Hand Sanitizer Wipes:

You never know what types of germs you can run into while on the plane. Catching any illness during your flight could ruin your vacation if you end up getting sick. Before you board a plane, be sure to have some hand sanitizer wipes with you so you can wipe the tray table, seat, bathroom door handle, etc. The wipes kill most of the bacteria and viruses. 

6 Things You Can’t Board A Plane Without

Are there any items that you think are missing from this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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