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10 Things You Can Talk About With A PNM During Formal Recruitment

10 Things You Can Talk About With A PNM During Formal Recruitment

Rushing a sorority is intimidating, on both sides. During formal recruitment during rounds, it’s common for the conversation to drag. If you do need some help talking to a PNM this list has a good number of suggestions.

While the rush season is stressful, it’s your job to make sure that the PNM feels comfortable enough to talk, and part of that responsibility is to lead the conversation. That being said, make sure you ask thoughtful questions. A PNM shouldn’t feel like they’re being interviewed, talk to them like they’re a friend!

If a PNM is reading this, just know that the sisters on the other side are equally as nervous, you can also use this list to guide you, but make sure that you are showing your true, authentic self.


1. Where are you from?

The first go-to question in rounds is often “where are you from?” but it’s commonality doesn’t make it any less important. Whether your PNM is from out of state (or even out of the country), or from close by, where she is from is a huge part of who she is. Plus, people love to talk about their hometowns, and this is a good way to get the ball rolling and break the ice in terms of conversation. Make sure that you are actively listening.

2. What made you choose this university?

This question can lead you to a more in-depth answer, did they want to get away from home? Was she attracted to a certain program? A person’s journey to their university is often a long and thoughtful one and it’s different for everybody.


3. How is recruitment going so far?

Aka. Why does she want to join a sorority? Recruitment can be extremely intimidating for PNMs so by asking how recruitment is going, really, you’re showing that you care about her wellbeing and that you’re on her side throughout the process. This small question is a show of support and can also lead to why she wanted to join a sorority in the first place.

4. Where is she living?

Is she on campus in a dorm? Does your school divide dorms by living communities? Does she like her roommates? This question can lead to a field of other questions once you get started. If your school does have living communities, why did she choose the one she’s in? Plus, moving into a new dorm or apartment for the first time in your life is exciting! Let them tell you about their experience and their relationship with their roommates, all new things for them!


5. Did you play any sports or do any activities in high school?

This is a nice question because it can let you get to know your PNM in more depth, plus it can guide the conversation towards similar interests. Maybe you played the same sport in high school, or enjoy the same activities, whatever it is, you can start to gain more insight into what they enjoy doing, and who they are as a person.

6. Have you found an activity or group on campus that you enjoy being a part of?

While it’s okay for a PNM, especially freshman, not to have found their place on campus yet, this question can provide some insight into how involved they are on campus, which could be indicative of how involved they would be in your sorority. Maybe you were even part of the same group and didn’t know it! Again, this question can lead to discovering similar interests and you could even help them discover more groups on campus if they’re struggling.

7. What’s your favorite TV show to Marathon?

Take a break from the I-have-to-ask-these-to-get-to-know-you questions and ask her something fun! Plus, chances are you can bond over the same TV show or some of the characters. And their answer could surprise you! If you’re a fan of the same show, you could even get some other good recommendations out of it, so it’s a win-win.


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8. What is your go-to comfort food?

Again, another fun one to throw in there. I like this one because everyone’s answer says something about them. Whether their favorite food is mac and cheese from the dining hall or their grandma’s chicken parmesan, they most likely have an emotional attachment to that food. This is also a good jumping off the question to talk about other restaurants, places to eat on campus, the worst food they’ve ever had, the weirdest food they’ve had, and more.


9. What are you looking for from Greek Life?

More specifically, your sorority. This is a good way to see what the values of a PNM are and how well they line up with your sorority. You can relate their answer back to your sorority and talk about your sorority values, experiences, and more. Make sure that this question becomes part of a larger discussion. Talk about your philanthropy events!

1o. Do you have any questions about (insert sorority)?

This gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about your sorority, be proud! You were in this position once, what made you choose your sorority? This is your time to shine and more importantly, this is your opportunity to show why your PNM should choose your sorority. What makes the two a good fit? Make sure your PNM knows how you feel about your sorority, and why you think she would be a good fit.  


Rush season is rough, there’s no way around it. Using these simple questions and conversation starters can help the conversation flow; however, although these questions are outlined, you should be having a real conversation with your PNM. Don’t make them feel like it’s an interview, actively listen and engage in the conversation. ALWAYS stay away from conversations about booze, boys, or religion. Know when you’re crossing a line and asking something too personal. That being said, be yourself and have a great time because at the end of the day you’re hanging out with your sisters and expanding the family.

As always, leave any questions or comments below. Have any more advice for our readers? Let us know in the comments!