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20 Things You Can Relate To If You Went To A Catholic High School

If you went to a Catholic high school like I did, this is a the list for you. Read on to see the top 20 things any student who went to a Catholic high school can relate to.

1. The dress code.

As embarrassing as it was, you couldn’t help but low-key appreciate wearing a plaid skirt or plain jumper with knee high socks to school every day. After all, it saved you money from buying other clothes to wear.

2. Somehow, you always found a way around it.

Whether it was rolling up your skirt or pushing down your socks, anything was better than actually looking like a mannequin at a Catholic high school clothing store.

3. Religion class.

Probably the easiest class you took in high school, unless you didn’t know how to spell God. The good thing about it was it boosted your GPA up a lot.

4. You knew everyone in your grade.

Mostly because your classes consisted of 20 kids or less and went to the same school with them for a decade.

5. If there was a new kid, it was what everyone was talking about for the next week.

I mean, what else exciting happens in a Catholic high school?

6. Going to mass twice a week was a regular thing.

Whether it was the first Friday of the month or a holy day, your school most likely found a way to make the school go to mass at least once a week to then attend mass on Sunday.

7. Choosing your seat at mass was very important.

This way you could talk with your friends and make jokes to make time pass. It could also mean sitting next to your crush so you could shake their hand during the sign of peace.

8. The anxiety of reading at mass.

It may not sound like a big deal, but if you mispronounced some random disciples name, you were the laughing stock of the day.

9. The Morning Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

The day didn’t officially start until either a Theology teacher or Deacon came over the PA to recite a morning prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

10. Prayer before every class.

Praying before class was the norm in a Catholic high school, especially on exam days. Praying that you’ll at least pass the quiz on the Old Testament you’re about to take.

11. Explaining to public school kids how not all your teachers are nuns.

First off, all Catholic high school alumni know that nuns stay in the convent so technically, they are “Sisters” and not “Nuns.” Second, most of our teachers were just regular teachers. Sometimes, you would get a priest, Deacon or Sister for religion class.

12. You didn’t actually get smacked with a ruler if you said something wrong.

Maybe if you went to school in the 1970’s. Anytime after that, the sisters would just give you a nice, long talk about how God wouldn’t be proud of your sins and you should go to confession.

13. At those confessions, you would look over everything you’ve done in your life.

You’d look at the “Questions to Ask Yourself Before Confession” card and try to get yourself to actually confess your sins this time.

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14. When you priest for confession was one of the priests from your school.

You most likely got so nervous and just confessed you’ve lied a couple times so they wouldn’t scold you in the halls.

15. Your health class didn’t exist.

If you asked a question, all answers consisted of “God says to wait till marriage.”

16. Dress down days were huge.

Any day when you didn’t have to wear that ugly and uncomfortable uniform were the days to dress in your PJ’s. It was overall one of the most laid back days of the month.

17. Never being able to find a prom dress that fit the dress code.

No open backs, slits, mesh, cleavage. So what are you going to wear you might ask? Most likely just come in a habit and you’ll be good to go!

18. “Room for the Holy Spirit” was real.

With the whole staff of your high school walking around the mosh pit splitting people up, there was no way of getting even less than a foot away from your date.

19. Your high school was most likely named after a Saint, Bishop, or had the name “Catholic” in it.

I have never seen a Catholic high school without any of these items in the name.

20. The life-long friendships

No matter how much you dreaded Catholic high school, you were never alone. The relationships you made over the decades are more valuable than the relationship you have with your big in the sorority you’re probably in now.

Share your experience of going to a Catholic high school in the comments below!
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