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10 Things You Can Only Do During The Fall That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Although the month of August represents the end of summer, the actual season of fall starts this year on September 23rd. Some activities such as going to the beach, jet-skiing, and/or rafting, to name a few, are mostly summer activities. However,  there are certain past times for people to partake in typically during the fall as well. 

Regardless of what season it is, there are some activities that one should not miss out taking part in. With that being said, these are 10 things that you can only do during the fall that you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Go for A Hayride:

A popular activity to do during the fall, going on a hayride allows one to enjoy and breathe in the fresh autumn air. This activity is usually offered at fairs, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes, to name a few places. Be sure to hop on the back of the tractor the next time you are at any of those stated places. It is with doubt a great pastime for families to do together during the fall.  

2. Attend a Fall Fair:

Take the advantage of the last weeks of the fall season before winter comes by attending a fall fair with family and/or friends. Enjoy the last weeks of nice weather before the cold and freezing temperatures hit. Fall Fairs provide tons of entertainment for everyone, from harvest fests to celebrations food, music, and wine/spirits. There’s no better way to soak in the last few weeks of autumn with your family and friends with fantastic food and drinks and fun games and rides. 

3. Going to the Pumpkin Patch:

Whether you are an adult or a child, this activity is a must! During the fall, pumpkin patches are held in October and November. Selecting pumpkins with your family and/or friends is a great way to spend a day during the fall months.

After picking the pumpkins out, spend the rest of your day by either painting and/or carving them for jack-o-lanterns. Another thing one can do with the pumpkins post-pumpkin patch is baking a fresh and delicious pumpkin pie, a favorite dessert and past time during the fall. 

4. Watch Scary Movies:

Although October 31st is the actual day of Halloween, every day of the month feels like Halloween. Starting on the first of October, several TV Channels will have  Halloween Movie Marathons throughout the month. No better way to start getting into the Halloween spirit by watching scary movies all month long during your free time. Some of the most popular scary movies include Coraline, Halloween, Beetlejuice, and The Addams Family, to name a few movie choices. 

5. Travel to Witness Fall Foliage:

‘Fall Foliage’ means that the leaves on the trees change into various colors. This action stems from the result of a perfect balance between both the weather and the temperature working closely together to produce these bright colors. The result of this balance produces a breathtaking sight of nature and scenery until winter comes in mid to late December.

There are so many places across the country to see the changing of the leaves during the fall. If you have a free weekend during the fall, plan a quick getaway somewhere and admire the beautiful scenery. Some of the best destinations to go and witness the changing of the colors of the leaves include Stowe, Vermont; Cape May, New Jersey; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; and Aspen, Colorado, to name a few places.

6. Get Lost in a Corn Maze:

One of the best ways to enjoy the nice fall weather is by getting lost in a corn maze. This is something that one can do with either their families or friends. Getting lost in a corn maze is a great activity to participate in during the fall that everyone will enjoy!

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7. Apple Picking:

Apples are in season during the fall and one thing that people can enjoy during the season is apple picking! Harvest season for some fruits and vegetables, including apples, happens to be during the fall. I mean, who doesn’t love fresh and juicy apples. During the fall, Apple Orchards are very pretty (and fantastic places for Instagram photo opportunities), so one gets to savor the best of both worlds by apple picking and admiring nature at the same time. Once you are finished with apple picking at the orchards, you can make great treats with the apples, such as caramel apples and apple pie!

8. Go to a Football Game and Tailgate:

During the fall (and end of summer) is when football season happens. Whether it is a College or NFL football game, it is a great experience that people can do multiple times over the fall. Tailgates make the experience even more fun with delicious food and drinks. Tailgating helps drive up all of the fans’ spirits heading into the big game. 

9. Go to A Haunted House: 

As Halloween is one of the major holidays that happens during the fall, be sure to go to a haunted house or some spooky place during the month of October! This activity will help one get into the spirit of Halloween. Several theme parks put on spectacular Halloween themed nights with all the scary stuff around the park. If you live in the areas of either Los Angeles or Orlando be sure to attend Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. The theme park hires people to dress up as scary characters to frighten visitors who go to the park at night. 

10. Stack Up on Fall-Scented Candles:

While one can buy candles any time of the year, the best time to purchase fall-scented candles is during the fall!! Depending on where you live, go visit your local candle shop and buy some fall-scented candles so your home can smell nice all season long. For a guide on what scents are popular for Fall 2019, click here

From this list, do you want to partake in any of the activities before Fall is over? Let us know what interests you in the comments below: 

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