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9 Things You Can Do To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

9 Things You Can Do To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Chances are, sometimes you’re afraid of putting yourself out there and doing things that are new are different for you. This is a fear that everyone has at one point or another, and it can be really hard to combat. Stepping outside of our comfort zones is, as the name implies, not very comfortable! It can be scary and difficult, but it can also lead to amazing opportunities that we never would have dreamed of.

It’s important to take risks and try new things, even when it feels a bit terrifying. In order to help you branch out and push yourself a bit more, here are nine things you can do to step outside of your comfort zone!

1. Do A “Yes” Day

Perhaps you’ve heard of this before, but the idea of a “Yes Day” is to only say yes to things for a whole day. A friend asks you to try out a new restaurant with them? You say yes! Someone calls you on the phone and you don’t feel like answering? Say yes anyways! By simply forcing yourself to become a “yes” person for one day, you can open up a bunch of new doors and find yourself in situations you never would have dreamed of.


Ultimately, the goal of this is not to make you into someone who only ever says yes to things. Even if this one day turns into you saying “yes” a little more often on the regular, it was a successful experiment that pushed you out of your comfort zone!

2. Have A Conversation With A Stranger

This definitely doesn’t need to be a deep conversation by any means, but by just saying “hi” to a stranger, or by merely paying them a compliment, you could be stepping outside your comfort zone! Especially if you’re on the shy side, this is a great way to push yourself and to meet new people.

Plus, you never know how much of an impact this can have on someone! You could make their whole day with a small compliment, or maybe you’ll even make a new friend! You never know what can happen when you step outside yourself and interact with new people.


3. Pick Up A New Hobby

You probably have some favorite hobbies, or at least something that you’re good at and enjoy doing. However, try a hobby that’s totally outside your wheelhouse! If you’re someone who enjoys playing video games, try drawing or painting! If you like to read, go for a hike and see some nature!

By trying new activities and acquiring new skills, we push ourselves to new limits and become more well-rounded people. And this new hobby doesn’t even have to be something you’re good at; just enjoying something new is enough to challenge your mind and body.

9 Things You Can Do To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


4. Vlog Yourself

If you’re on YouTube or TikTok at all, chances are that you’ve seen some vlogs; these are juts video blogs or people going about their day, and you can make them, too! You absolutely don’t need to post them anywhere, but filming yourself is a good exercise that helps you to feel more comfortable in your skin and get over some embarrassment.

Try vlogging parts of your day, and just keep them for yourself. By simply being on camera, you can step outside your comfort zone and see yourself in a new light!

5. Join A Club

Whether it’s an online club or an in-person one, being part of a new community is great way challenge yourself and meet new people. If you find yourself spending lots of time alone and interacting with groups of people is somewhat frightening, find a club that you’re interested and you’ll be sure to meet like-minded people who share your interest, which makes it a bit less scary!


This could be a book club, a Dungeons and Dragons group, a pickleball league, or anything else that you find fun and interesting. You’ll be going outside your comfort zone by encountering new friends and new activities!

6. Change The Way You Shop

This one might sound a little silly, but shopping can easily become a thing of routine for us. Grocery shopping quickly becomes a pattern, and usually we end up buying the same foods and ingredients every week. To step outside your comfort zone a little, try a new grocery store, or get a bunch of foods you’ve never tried before! You can push yourself by simply changing up your diet.

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This can go for clothing, as well. If you typically shop at the stores for the same styles, switch it up and hit up a different shop! Get some clothes that are outside your comfort zone and try a completely new style! Who knows what will happen!

9 Things You Can Do To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

7. Do Something Childish

Again, this might seem silly, but as we grow up, we often stop doing fun, silly, and childish things! There’s a misconception that once you’re an adult, you have to be grown up and stop doing things you loved as a child. Instead of following this unspoken, societal rule, do something that your inner kid would love. It could roller skating, sledding, watching a Disney movie, having a nerf gun fight, or anything else that brings out your more childish side!


8. Visit Somewhere New

This doesn’t mean taking a big vacation—although it could—but by just taking a walk in a park you’ve never been to before or by visiting a new coffee shop, you step outside your literal comfort zone! It’s easy to fall into the routine of going to the same places every day, so try to make sure to visit new places, too. You might meet new people or even find incredible spots that you never would have discovered otherwise!

9. Dance

Dancing is a great way to free your body and soul from both internal and external pressure and expectations. Enroll in a dance or Zumba class or play some Just Dance in your living room! No matter how you do it, let yourself be wild and free and push the limits of your comfort zone. Dancing is a great, fun, and simple way to do that.

9 Things You Can Do To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


How will you step outside of your comfort zone this week? Let us know in the comments!

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