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10 Things You Can Do If You Caught The Coronavirus

10 Things You Can Do If You Caught The Coronavirus

2020. The year of the global pandemic that began in Wuhan, China at the beginning of the year, and has continued to impact communities around the world. As most individuals are aware of the impact Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has had on the economy, front-line workers, and our daily schedules. At this point, you or someone you know probably has been in contact with the virus, and therefore had to quarantine. If there’s a chance that you end up catching the Coronavirus, continue reading for 10 things to do if you’ve caught the virus. 

1. Quarantine!

As obvious as this may sound, many individuals are having a hard time understanding this concept. For a virus to spread, another person must come in contact with the exposed person. So, if you have tested positive for Coronavirus and would rather not expose your family and friends, quarantining is essential. While in quarantine, it is important to stay isolated for up to 14 days so the virus can be killed. Although it can be a struggle to stay in your house for 14 days, it is important to keep yourself distracted by watching movies, working from home, or cleaning up the house. 


2. Let Others Know

Since Coronavirus isn’t your typical flu virus, and a vaccine has still yet to be created, letting others know you have been exposed or have tested positive for it is very important. For example, if you have caught the virus, went to school and didn’t quite have symptoms yet, then another student came in contact with you and went home to his father who is battling cancer, it can be detrimental for this students fathers health. Therefore, it is equally important to let others know that you have it and for them to quarantine or get tested so there is less chance it will spread. 

3. Wear a Mask

Another obvious precaution to take during a pandemic, which is still effective when in quarantine, is to wear a mask. Most counties across the United States have enforced a social distancing and mask order to help others prevent the virus from entering their county. Furthermore, if you have tested positive for Coronavirus and are living with a roommate or family, it is important to have a mask on when walking throughout the house to further your family or friends chance of getting exposed. 


4. Invest in Germ-X and Lysol

One of the most common cleaning products that has been used throughout the global pandemic so happens to be Germ-X and Lysol. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was nearly impossible to find Germ-X and Lysol; however, now products are being stocked up again. If you or someone you know has been in contact with Coronavirus, it is essential to deep clean your home, by making sure to bleach all surfaces that are commonly touched. 


5. Work From Home

While many full-time employees have been offered time to work from home instead of coming to office, it has become quite popular to do so among many hourly and salary paying jobs. By not having employees come into the office, it has limited the number of positive cases offices have received. Furthermore, working from home can be very relaxing to work from the comfort of your own space!

6. Complete a Puzzle

One of the most satisfying activities to finish is a puzzle. If you have caught the Coronavirus, finding things to do around your home can be challenging. However, if you are interested in finishing puzzles, then be sure to stop at Walmart or Target and grab yourself a puzzle! The more pieces, the better, as it will give you something to focus on while stuck in quarantine. Furthermore, if you are unable to find puzzles at one of your local retailers, check out Amazon and you will find great deals on hundreds of different puzzles!


7. Go Outdoors

Life can be busy. Spending time outdoors can be beneficial for our health in a number of ways, including vitamin D, exercise, and fresh air. If you are looking for something to do outside of your home but have tested positive for the Coronavirus, make sure to make some time to spend outdoors. Whether you are going for a quick walk through your neighborhood, a hike on one of your favorite local trails, or have a happy place that you can respectively social distance at, spending time outdoors is a great way to expand your mind throughout all this chaos. 

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8. Video Call with Family and Friends

Since you are in quarantine, it can be pretty easy to become lonesome from not being surrounded by your peers. If you have access to an iPhone or computer with a webcam, be sure to spend some virtual time with your friends and family! It is nice to be able to talk with others during quarantine without having to affect them, so meeting via video chat can be one of the best ways for social interaction during this time. Additionally, playing a game such as Catch Phrase through the online call can make virtual time together much more enjoying!


9. Read a Book

One of the most relaxing things to do when you are sick, bored, or simply trying to relax, is to read a book. Whether it be a book you have read a thousand times, or a book that you’ve been wanting to pick up and haven’t had the time to do so. If you are in quarantine, one of the most respectful ways to read a book that you might not have access to is finding it on iBooks or Amazon. Both platforms have thousands of books that you can find for free or at a very cheap cost. 

10. Stay Healthy, Safe, and Aware!

Throughout all of this chaos, make sure to keep yourself safe and healthy. By regularly washing your hands, wearing a mask in public, and maintaining a social distance, you are protecting yourself and others more vulnerable to the virus from getting it. Furthermore, the most important mindset to have during a global pandemic is to be aware. No matter where you are, you could be potentially exposed to the virus, which is a scary thought. However, being aware will help you stay healthy, and protect those around you. 


What has been your favorite activity if you caught the Coronavirus? Feel free to share your thoughts and additional ideas in the comments!

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