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21 Things You Can Do At 21

21 Things You Can Do At 21

There are things you can do other than drink once you turn 21, but of course, you want to drink yourself into oblivion. I don’t blame you. 

And actually, you might as well do it because after you turn 21, drinking loses all of its bombastic sensation.

1. Change Your ID

Once you turn 21, you can finally get your adult license. In some states, you’re issued a verticle ID and you can’t change it until you turn 21. I’m not sure why, but its a dumb ass rule. 


I didn’t get my horizontal license until last year. Even though I’m 25, they still thought my ID was fake so yeah, change it immediately.

2. Hit The Casino

I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey, if you want to press your luck, you can finally do so legally. Make sure you have money though, even if you end up in the hole, at least you can buy a drink. 


3. Book A Hotel Room 

You can finally book a swanky hotel in your favorite city. Since you’re 21 book a room in Vegas so you can check 2 things to do off this list.  Your bank account may suffer, but you’ll have a great time! 

4. Travel

Being 21 means you’re basically a full-grown adult. It’s something you should celebrate and I suggest you travel. Chances are you’re graduating college or you’re feeling lost and uninspired. 

Take a risk and travel somewhere you’ve never been. Get out of the country and see the world while you can. 


5. Buy Liquor From A Store

I know you’ve waited your whole life for this moment. It’s finally here, but don’t buy the cheap shit. Splurge on some good alcohol that’ll make you regret not remembering the night you turned 21. 


6. Drink With Your Parents

Unless you absolutely loathe them, you can sit down and have a nice cold one with the people that raised you. DOn’t get belligerent drunk though because you might open some doors you want to remain closed. 


7. Drink At Disney

There’s no shortage of things you can do when you turn 21. I’ve never been to Disney, but if you’re into that sort of thing, you can do it while drunk. What could go wrong?

8. Hit The Club

Sure you’ve been to the club before if it’s 18 and over, but now you can do it and buy overpriced drinks before shaking what your momma gave you. 


9. Keep Alcohol In Your Dorm 

Now that you’re 21, you can keep alcohol in your dorm room for when you’ve had a complete mental breakdown and need a pick me up. 

Just don’t have a party in there. I remember this kid had a shit ton of alcohol taken from him at one in the morning. Don’t be that guy. 

10. Buy A Round 

Being 21 means the drinks are on you. Hopefully, you’re not the only one in the friend group that’s 21 or you’ll be stuck making beer runs at the party. 


11. Be Happy When You Get Carded

“That’s Right Bitch” were my exact thoughts, every time I went to a bar. 

12. Order An Expensive Cocktail At A Fancy Restaurant 

I mean, why not? Channel mad Don Draper vibes in your fancy suit and live a little, you’re 21!

13. Buy A Girl A Drink

Yes, you can do that now, but please don’t be creepy or weird about it. Make sure she approves before you just send her a drink. 


14. Throw A House Party

This is a safer option if all of your friends are under 21. Just make sure the cops don’t get called because then you’re in a shit ton trouble. 

15. Smoke Some Legal Pot

If you’re into that sort of thing that is. You have to be 21 to buy legal cannabis and it’s so much better than hitting up a drug dealer. It’s so much more convenient too.

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16. Get Your Pilots License

If you’ve ever wanted to fly a plane, now is the time to do so. Airplane, helicopter, gyroplane, either way, you can be like Tom Cruise. 

17. Concealed Weapons License

I mean, things are getting crazier out there, so you might as arm yourself. Of course, this is contingent on what state you live in, but once you turn 21 you can apply to carry and conceal it. 


Carrying a concealed weapon is one of the most dangerous things you can do when you turn 21, but you only live once, so make it count. 

18. Reinvent Yourself 

Turning 21 feels a little surreal and if you need a fresh start, now is the time. You’re now old enough to do many different things, why not change who you are?

Try a different hairstyle, adopt a new hobby, or make a drastic move that will completely and radically shape who you are. Just remember that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself.   


19. Adopt A Child 

This may come out of the left-field, but yes, you can adopt a child when you turn 21. I’m not sure why you would unless your shit was together, but hey, who am I to judge?

It’s definitely one of the most obscure things you can do when you turn 21. 

20. Become An Uber Driver

It’s the easiest, albeit mildly dangerous, way to make money nowadays. In fact, I signed up myself and you can also do the Uber eats option.


It’s come in handy when I was in a pinch for money and it’s ridiculously easy. My suggestion would be to uber to and from the airport. I was averaging almost $20 a trip. You can’t pass that up.

21. Hit A Bar Crawl

Bar Crawls can be a great way to meet people and have fun. Not only that, but it’ll give you the chance to explore multiple bars and look for other things you can do. 

What are some other things you can do when you turn 21? Have you done any of the things on this list? Feel free to leave a comment and share the article on social media!