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8 Things You Can Do After College

8 Things You Can Do After College

The senioritis has set in, and what you are doing after school seems like an impossible concept to even think about. When you can’t decide what to do here is the 8 Things You Can Do After College. 

1. Work

Of course, this is the most obvious choice. With student debt piling up why not use that degree. That being said finding a job can be hard, so really find anything that sort of relates to your chosen field. 

8 Things You Can Do After College

2.Graduate School

Ohhh, so you are not done with college? Why not go to graduate school. This will help you get a better job and give you more time to chose a career. Just be careful with the loans that could start being due. 

Also, it might be amazing to go back to school if you might be interested in an intense career. Being a lawyer, doctor, or therapist takes years and you could just get a jump on it.   

8 Things You Can Do After College

3. Volunteer

If you are not able to afford travel, want to help people, or need a little space try volunteering. There are so many options that are free or near free. Look around and make sure they are legit organizations but volunteering is always a great option. 

8 Things You Can Do After College

4. Travel

After college, life seems crazy. Get a little space, and go on a trip you have always wanted to go on. There are so many cheap options with hostels and plane tickets. Not to mention there are so many cool places to go. Book that ticket and treat yourself. 

One cool thing with these ideas is that you might find a new place to live. I have known many people that visit a country and deice to live there forever. 

8 Things You Can Do After College

5. Teach

If you want to give back after all those years of getting taught, try teaching. It may not be the easiest thing in the world but helping children is always nice. This doesn’t have to be just at a school it could also be at a community center. 

Even if you don’t want to go get a teaching job, there are organizations that you can teach with. Think peace corps, or other organizations like that. 

8 Things You Can Do After College

6. Go Back Home

When nothing seems good after college, try to go back home. Although living with your parents isn’t that fun, it is usually cheap or free. That seems nice after thousands of dollars that will be due soon. Also, home-cooked meals are always better than ramen for the 8th night in a row. 

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8 Things You Can Do After College

7. AuPair

If you are good with children and want to travel this might be the perfect after college option. When you work as an AuPair you live with a different family. Yet you sometimes get spending cash and all you have to do is work with kids. If you got your teaching degree this might be an amazing option. 

8 Things You Can Do After College

8. Start a Company

Why let the “real” adults make all the money? After getting that degree go live your dreams. It may be hard but there are so many success stories of young people starting successful companies right after college. 

Worst case scenario you get tons of real-world experience. Which is invaluable in any company. 

8 Things You Can Do After College

No matter what you do after college just remember that there are tons of options. You are not alone in the fear of that after college life and if you need help reach out to a friend of family member.

Did you get inspired by any of our ideas on the list? Let us know in comments your plans after college!

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