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15 Things You Already Miss About UNH

15 Things You Already Miss About UNH

As Thanksgiving break has just ended and winter break is only three weeks, every student looks forward to coming home and eating mom’s home made meals and laying in their own beds. But after a while, home feels too much like home and you start to miss UNH and all of little quirks on campus. Keep reading for the things you already miss about UNH. I’m sure every UNH student can relate to at least a few of these things!

1. Homecoming!

2. DHOP, and the encounters at 2 am.

3. Seeing your best friends everyday.

4. The festive dinners at the dinning halls.

5. Darties in 75 degree weather and even better, in the snow.


6. Scorps and those dollar drinks!

7. Union Court

8. Cinco

9. Hockey games!

10. The plethora of coffee places to pick from.


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11. The house parties!

12. Freddy Specials

13. Warm days at T-Hall.

14. JB’s on Main St when you are hungover on Sunday mornings.

15. The fact that everyday is a good day to be a Wildcat.


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