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15 Things You Already Miss About UMN

Whether you just finished freshmen year and are moving home for the summer or just graduated and are ready to face the real world, you probably miss some of these things about our home away from home. These are the 15 things you definitely already miss about UMN!

1. Game days

Ok, just thought I should get that one out of the way. Gophers know how to game day.

2. Seeing your best friends at least every 24 hours

You live together, go to class together, and make questionable decisions together all day, every day.

3. Using the Rec Center

No I am not paying $75 dollars to use the equipment for the summer.

4. The fact that stealing isn’t acceptable anymore

Wait, so I shouldn’t bring my street sign home as a wall decoration?

5. Scrolling through the 50+ Group Me/Facebook/group texts after not being on your phone for an hour

Maybe some people don’t miss this one, but sometimes you’ve got to love it when the group chat is freaking out about the Bachelor. Or ya know… just more memes

6. Spontaneous free food

Why don’t they have this in real life?! Isn’t it well known college student don’t show up to anything without free food? Guess it can’t be B-week every week.

7. Not having to pay attention at crosswalks

Sorry, you can’t get free tuition if you get hit off campus.

8. Always having something to do

Ok, this one might be a stretch, having some time without the literal constant need to study is enjoyable, but campus is very quiet in the summer.

9. Wearing completely ridiculous outfits and having it be totally normal

From gopheralls to t-rex costumes to whatever you showed up to that party in, suddenly you feel weird wearing that stuff. Oh, but maybe not the RompHim…

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10. Taco Tuesdays

So legendary I have never been.

11. Watching the sun set over Minneapolis from whatever road/balcony/window you can find

And posting it on your snap/insta story of course.

12. Hurrying to Sunday brunches

Because after whatever you did Saturday night, brunch is the best refuel. Hopefully you can make it by 2pm.

13. Going to PAWS

We all miss the therapy chicken… oh and maybe the dogs too. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t have this, but definitely it should.

15. Being able to use Tapingo

For some reason they haven’t thought of expanding this past college campuses. Guess it’s the back of the line for you.

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