15 Things You Already Miss About UD

As the spring semester at the University of Delaware comes to a close; us blue hens can’t help but have some mixed feelings about leaving. Sure, we miss home, but we also know that after a day of watching Netflix, we’ll want to be back on campus having fun. These are the 15 things UD students will miss the most while gone for the summer.

1. The Green

The Green is one of the best things at UD. Nothing beats coming out of class and seeing so many students just hanging out together outside. On some lucky days, UDairy will even be at the end of The Green. For most of us, on our first tour of UD, seeing all of the people outside playing frisbee, and relaxing, made it look like the best place to be.

2. Trabant

Trabant is the perfect place to go to have lunch, study, or meet up with friends. Not to mention, getting online orders, that arrived at the mail room downstairs, is the best feeling. In college, I think most of us have developed an online shopping problem.


This isn’t a joke. We have 2 seeing eye dog clubs on campus, which means that you may have a puppy in one of your classes, like I did. There are also de-stressing events, held by the clubs on campus around exams, which are amazing. Not to mention, since UD is an open campus, people walk their dogs through all the time. Your chances of seeing cute pups daily is probably 100%.

4. Kirkbride Jesus

Most of the students on campus think he’s a total joke; you know, since he says we’re all going to hell. When I firsts saw Kirkbride Jesus on campus, I was shocked because I wasn’t sure who it was, being a new freshman. When people filled me in, it made a lot more sense. He isn’t nice or friendly, but you can always get a good laugh about how crazy he is. Talking with your friends, about what he was chanting, will always be entertaining; but friends that don’t go to UD won’t truly get it.

5. Unlimited Coffee Places

We have 2 Dunkin Donuts and 3 Starbucks locations around campus. Whether you’re a coffee person, or even like to get something without coffee in it, you’ll find something at these places, and you’ll always be pretty close to them. Having coffee so readily available at school is great; but when you get home, not having some hot Dunkin Donuts right across the street will take some getting used to.

6. NDB

Being from northern New Jersey, I think I have some pretty high standards for bagels (yes, and pizza). Newark Deli and Bagels is probably one of the best bagel spots on campus. NDB is perfect after a 9am class, and even on Sunday morning when you sleep in and want something good for breakfast.

7. The Rest Of Main Street

Main Street is a pretty long stretch of shops, restaurants, and places that probably aren’t too good for any student’s credit card. There’s Honeygrow, Chipotle, Panera, Starbucks, the National 5&10, Walgreens, and Grassroots. I think most of us totally took the convenience for granted.

8. School Spirit On Campus

Being a Blue Hen is something every UD student takes pride in. We wear our colors with confidence, and you’ll always spot someone wearing some spirit wear. The school spirit that students get from 1743 Welcome Days, Homecoming, and I Heart UD Day is something that can’t nearly be described with words- but fellow Blue Hens will always get it. Not being surrounded by this everyday  is going to be a little hard, because UD is the best school out there.

9. The Chance Of Seeing Joe Biden Around Campus

Seeing Joe Biden on campus is pretty likely. Joe Biden is opening up The Biden Institute, so he’s on campus pretty often. Not only have I met him, but almost all of my friends have too. While I’m home for the summer, Joe could be on campus snacking on his favorite ice cream, Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip. While we’re gone, we’ll miss ya Joe!

10. Frat Basements

Frat basements are hot, cramped, and claustrophobic. The music is loud, and sometimes the speakers suck, and the music fades in and out. While it may not seem like a lot of fun, that’s totally not true. Dancing with friends in a basement, while everyone is having fun, is like nothing else.

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11. Dages

Dages hold a special place in every Blue Hen’s heart. Whether it’s sunny, raining, or even snowing, we’re always out having a good time. Being with your family at 2pm, instead of being at a Dage, is going to be pretty strange.

12. Post-Dage Chipotle

You’ll never see a longer line at Chipotle than after a Dage. While aiting in line, you’re hoping you’re sobered up enough to order your food correctly. If not, that’s what friends are for. When you get your food, and hopefully find a table, you’ll eat and hopefully “soak up” the natty in your system. This is friend bonding at its finest, and nothing beats it.

13.  Dorm Life

You probably wouldn’t expect to see this on the list, but yes… I think most of us will miss dorm life, kinda. Living in a tiny room isn’t very fun, but dorm life has its perks. You’re usually close to the dining hall, and somewhat close to your classes; but the best part is being down the hall from some of your best friends. Being able to just walk over to friends’ rooms whenever you want, is something we’ll all miss.

14. Getting Random Mail And Packages From Family

I remember getting emails from the RAs saying I got a package, and it was the BEST feeling. My parents (specifically, my mom) were super into sending me packages, whether it be totally random, or for the holidays. My mom would send snacks, cards, or cute things that I would never think to send-but she did. It always made me happy to get something from home, and it sounds funny, but anyone that got used to getting packages will miss that feeling.

15. My Friends

To the people we became close with: we probably know each other a little too well. From P.O.D. runs, to mental breakdowns, to the nights where we thought we peaked because we took 1 too many shots; we’ll all be counting down the days until we see each other again. We were fearless this year for sure, and the shenanigans that went down will go with us to our graves, along with the ones we’ll make once we’re back at UD. We’ll definitely have ourselves a night.

These are some of the things you already miss about UD. What do you miss the most?
*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
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