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14 Things You Already Miss About UConn

14 Things You Already Miss About UConn

Leaving the University of Connecticut for the summer is a nice break, but you'll miss it after a while. These are some things you already miss about UConn.
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While you’re at school, you want nothing more than to go home and relax after a crazy semester. While you’re home you realize how much your life revolves around UConn. No more work to be done until August, when you move back in. If you miss these things now, prepare yourself for the rest of the summer, away from the many great things about UConn that you’ve become so accustomed to. Congrats on getting through another semester! Here are 14 things you already miss about UConn.

1. Your Friends

You have laughed, cried, stressed, and pulled all-nighters with the same group of people since September. You have gone to the same people for therapy sessions, homework questions, and study groups. It will be hard not being down the hall from your best friends, and depending on where they live, you may not be able to see them again until the fall.

2. Your Late Nights

Siblings and parents still have school and work tomorrow, but you haven’t gone to sleep before midnight since January. At least at school you had the company of other people, even if you didn’t know them. Now my only company is my cat while I watch Netflix until 2AM.


3. Having A Set Schedule

You knew where you had to go, at what time, and how long it would take to get there. Between class, practice, clubs, and studying, it kept you busy. Now many of us have gotten lost in the Netflix void, or have slept until noon too many times already. If you force yourself into a summer schedule it may make the transition back to school a little easier in the fall.

4. On-Campus Activities

There was ALWAYS something going on somewhere on campus. Late night fundraisers, SUBOG events; you name it, it was there. Now you miss having an event to look forward to, because it usually also meant free stuff.


5. Your Room

No matter how small your dorm room was, it was your personal space at such a big school. It was your home for 8 months, and it contained anything you might have needed. Now that the contents of your room are stored away in a closet or in the basement, you have to dig through so many boxes to find something you could easily find while at school.

6. Walking For Exercise

Walking and buses are the main forms of transportation for most students, in order to get to class or practice during the semester. I have to force myself to get out of bed, or off of the couch most days, but I get in less than 1,000 steps a day while at home. You have to put in a little more effort to get in the same amount of walking during the summer.


7. Student Section=Reduced Ticket Prices

Cheap (or free) tickets to sports games, and cheering on your favorite student athletes are some of the greatest perks of college sports. On campus, concerts also cost close to nothing, especially compared to regular concerts!

8. The Dining Hall

Although it may not be the best tasting food, you had unlimited access to the dining halls. That means you didn’t have to worry about making breakfast because all of your options were there waiting for you. I cannot wait to go back and get an omelette at Northwest in the fall.

9. Not Having To Pay As Much For Food

Between points, Husky bucks, and dining hall access, you would only need to pay for food if it was not on campus (Hungry Huskies). Now when you want to go out and eat, you may have to dish out more cash than you’ve been used to.

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10. Everything Being Within Walking Distance

Other than going into your kitchen, which is closer than it was at school, you have to drive to most  places in order to get food, meet up with friends, or go to the store. You also knew the time it would take to get from your room to Storrs Center, and didn’t have to worry about traffic or highways.

11. Parties/Darties

It is socially acceptable to gather by Carriage and day-drink with 1,000 other students on a nice day at the end of the semester. It is an accepted fact that college kids will party, and there’s always 2-3 parties going on during any given weekend. It’s a little harder to find a party during the summer at home that has the same feel as a college party.


12. Free Access To The Gym

UConn Rec allows any student to get into the gym with a simple swipe of your ID. Free gym membership means more likelihood I would go to the gym. I am not going to buy a Planet Fitness membership for 4 short months while I’m home. I just come up with my own workouts, that I could do without machines.

13. Going To Class In Sweatpants And Pajamas

It is also acceptable in college to stay in your pajama pants and high school t-shirts all day long. When you go out now, looking like a bum people, may give you some looks. Just embrace it and continue on with your day.

14. Nickel And Cheap Alcohol

Going to Huskies or Teds is a destination primarily for college students. College student bars equal low priced drinks. Sadly, this is not the reality when you go out while you’re back at home.

These are 14 things I bet you already miss about UConn. What do you miss the most? Share in the comments!
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