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15 Things You Already Miss About Syracuse

15 Things You Already Miss About Syracuse


Who cares if its only been a few weeks since we said goodbye to Syracuse. We’re at home, hanging out with our high school friends, and desperately missing the wild times we have at Cuse. Whether you graduated and left behind four years of amazing memories, or just walked away from your first year, these 15 things you miss about Syracuse will ring true for any Orange student.

1. Tailgates, i.e. getting drunk at noon

When the weather is above 20 degrees, we’re always outside, especially on a Friday afternoon. With our sunglasses out, Cuse apparel on, we’re ready for a tailgate with any weather. That includes day parties with patches of snow on the ground!



2.  Passing by friends on campus

Worst part of Syracuse? Going to class. Except when you bump into your three best friends in the middle of the quad. I can be late for this class, right?


3. Free gym membership

Now that we’re all home, we’re back to our old gyms. That means, A. asking your parents to pay for your fancy-ass gym membership with all-inclusive yoga, or B. running your ass off down the same road for three months straight. It definitely makes us miss tuition-funded Archbold, even if it includes grunting frat boys.





4. Trips to Orange Hill

Of course my ID is real! Yes, I do need 3 bottles of Andre!


5. The Flying Busman

If you’ve ever had an early class on main campus leaving from South, you’ve enjoyed the poetic brilliance of the Flying Busman. His poetry is free, his bus stop announcements lively, and most importantly: he will brighten your day.


6. Dunkin Donuts in Schine

Dunkin Donuts is so much better when you can easily walk there, and when you probably have SuperFood points to pay for it.


7. Warm Natty and Keystone Light

Okay so we don’t actually miss the taste of warm beer, but we miss everything that surrounds it. Good music, cute outfits, and even better friends.



8. Cold temps and heavy snow

There’s no student at Syracuse who didn’t know what they were signing up for when it comes to snow. In fact, at Syracuse, we embrace the snow. Bring on the Bean boots and puffy jacket, we’re in love with the fact that we’re the number one snowiest school.



9. Randomly seeing Otto around campus

“So wait, your school mascot is an orange?” Abso-fucking-lutely. Otto is a bro, and he is guaranteed to make you laugh on your way to class for whatever random B.S. he’s doing that day.



10. Late night food

The restaurants around Syracuse know exactly who they’re catering to. It’s always going to be either drunk kids getting home at 2 am on Friday, or the same kids cramming for an exam at 2am on Tuesday. We’re hungry, and the food places around Syracuse are happy to help.


11. Home games in the dome

We chose a D1 school for a reason. Home games are the greatest. Pre-gaming, plus nachos, plus a kickass win is sure to make a home game memorable.

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12. Happy hour at DJ’s

Although going to DJ’s with the lights on feels like a sin, it doesn’t matter to those that get out of class at 3PM and are ready to turn up.


13. Visiting friends in the neighborhood

It’s so easy to see all of your closest friends when one lives on Ackerman, another on Sumner, and the last on Euclid. Now, whose house are we pregaming at?



14. Tender Tuesday at the dining hall

So, you walk into the dining hall without knowing what day it is, and all of a sudden you see a massive line for the hot food. What could be possibly going on? Oh yeah, it’s Tuesday. That is, the best day of the week. Tenders and BBQ sauce? Hell fucking yes.



15. Admiring the beauty of the campus

Where can we start? The sunsets? The gorgeous buildings? The diverse student body? Or even the compassion shared between students. We love our campus, and the summer break too. However, we can’t wait to get back in August and re-start the best adventure of our young lives.


What else do you already miss about Syracuse? Let us know in the comments below!
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