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15 Things You Already Miss About San Diego

15 Things You Already Miss About San Diego

15 Things You Already Miss About San Diego

Can’t stay away from San Diego? I wouldn’t blame you. Something about this city is magical. That’s why it’s hard to get away after graduating from UC San Diego. What makes it hard to stay away? Here’s a list of 15 things you already miss about San Diego.

1. Sunny weather!

For the most part, San Diego boasts for having sunshine 365 days a year. You can step outside of your house in the winter and still have the sun shining outside. The sunny weather brings good vibes and moods all around everyday.

2. Beaches

Need to find a way to get away from the stress of school and work? San Diego has an abundance of beaches to explore in your free time. In fact, UC San Diego has a beach just 10 minutes away from campus by foot!


3. Beautiful sunsets!

Ever see those colorful pictures of the sky on Instagram and Snapchat? That’s probably San Diego. While walking home to class, snap a pic of the gorgeous sunset.


4. Perfect for those who love the great outdoors.

Not only can you enjoy various beaches, there are many hiking trails, golf courses, and recreational parks to visit. It’s encouraged to step outside and enjoy what nature has to offer!

5. Food Scene

San Diego offers a great food scene, offering cuisine from different cultures. Have a late night craving for tacos? Drive to Chula Vista to Tacos El Gordo. Have a sweet tooth? Head on over to Convoy St. for an array of desserts to satisfy your craving. From delicious ramen to flavorful gyros, you’ll find a spot just driving around town.

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6. Taco Tuesdays!

Speaking of tacos… it’s a big thing here! You can grab tacos for super low prices. Perfect for the college student budget~

7. Various Neighborhoods

There’s always something new to explore in San Diego due to the unique, diverse neighborhoods that make up the city. These neighborhoods are districts that offer different flavors and vibes. Explore North Park during the day for its hipster boutiques and coffee shops then head on over to Gaslamp for a lively nightlife. You’ll never get bored!


8. Proximity to Mexico.

Feeling adventurous? San Diego is close to the border. Grab a group of friends and explore Tijuana!

9. Art Scene

There is a plethora of museums, art galleries, art installations, murals– you name it! Take a stroll down Balboa Park and check out the 15 galleries it has to offer. You can even watch a play on the UC San Diego campus at La Jolla Playhouse in Revelle.

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10. Events going on all the time.

There’s always something going on! From holiday celebrations like December Nights and the decorated neighborhoods in the South during the winter to Comic Con in the summer, there are ways to keep yourself involved in the community.


11. The People!

Most of the people you’ll stumble across in San Diego are chill. They are friendly and always down to converse. Just like the beach, people go-with-the-flow.

12. Everything for everyone!

Have family visiting? Take them out to Legoland and Belmont Park. There are several family-friendly amusement parks to check out. Want to be a tourist? Head on over to the USS Midway Museum, Old Town, and Mt. Soledad. Want to have a night out in the town? Party it up in Pacific Beach and Gaslamp!

13. Big city, small town feel.

You get the best of both worlds living in San Diego. With just a fifteen minute drive, you can come from the hustle and bustle of downtown to the quiet oceanside. You get to experience both types of living!

14. Amazing Universities

Dare I say more? San Diego is home to one of the best universities in the world– University of California, San Diego.


15. Living in a place people vacation.

San Diego is beautiful. Many people come travel to see it’s beauty, but going to school in UC San Diego, you can get to call this beautiful city, “home.”


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