15 Things You Already Miss About Rutgers

I started my senior year here at Rutgers this semester and I am dreading the day that I will graduate and have to leave this amazing place. There are so many things about this school that make it a unique experience for everyone who attends. Whether this is your first year at this university or your last, you know how much there is here to treasure, things you will truly miss once you are gone. Keep reading for 15 things you already miss about Rutgers!

1. Brower

Whether you lived on College Ave or not, you know that Brower is a TRUE experience (sometimes good, sometimes bad). But admit it, everyone loves to waste hours on end chilling inside Brower avoiding any and all assignments that you know you will have to start as soon as you leave. Plus it is super easy to make your own waffle sundae. Also, three words: King Neptune Night.

2. The food on Easton Ave.

You know you’ll miss walking down Easton Ave and having the ability to get a Buffalo Chicken Crisp at Hansel or a Sanctuary milkshake. Or you know a slice of pizza from one of about 100 pizza places on that street.

3. Fat sandwiches from grease trucks.

Speaking of food, we are home of the fat sandwiches! Which you will usually regret the next day but absolutely LOVE in the moment.

4. Living with your best friends.

Rutgers off campus housing is such a fun and unique experience. Squeezing 9 of your best friends into a little college house is truly an experience you probably won’t ever get again.

5. Game day!

Noon games. Yes, they are tough to get up and tailgate for, but so worth it. Who doesn’t love spending a sunny Saturday at High Point Solutions Stadium for the college that was the BIRTHPLACE of college football?!


6. The awesome night life.

When you’re in need of a study break, Rutgers nightlife never disappoints. (But you guys probably won’t miss the classic ratio).

7. Dorm life!

With dorm life comes those dorm friends. Whether you still speak to them or haven’t seen them since you moved out, the people you meet, lessons you learn, and memories you make living in a dorm at Rutgers stick with you forever.

8. Endless school spirit!

This school has some of the strongest school spirit that I have ever witnessed. The people who go here truly love being here and it shows. It is an incredible feeling to be surrounded by such RU pride everywhere.


9. Free T Shirts. EVERYWHERE!

Where else in life are you going to receive a free t-shirt at every single event you show up to? Sports games, concerts, RUPA events, you name it. It is at a point where I am actually surprised when I DON’T receive a free t-shirt when I go to an event.

10. Rutgers buses!

Yes, they may not be one of the most popular things you already miss about Rutgers. They’re horribly crowded and stressful, but in a way, aren’t they also kind of fun? It probably won’t be socially acceptable to shove your way onto a clearly full bus and hitting everyone with your back pack on the way in anywhere except on a Rutgers bus stop.


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11. Opportunities to get involved at your disposal.

The amount of clubs and organizations that are offered at this school are overwhelming. At such a large university, there are ways of making it actually feel pretty small and personal. There is truly a place for everyone at this school.

12. The unique array of bars.

From Olde Queens, to karaoke at Golden Rail on Wednesday’s, to happy hour at Olive Branch. There is never a dull moment on the weekends (or during the week as well).

13. The history!

This school SCREAMS history. I mean c’mon, Rutgers was technically founded before America was even founded. Especially walking down College Ave, you are constantly surrounded by historic buildings.


14. Diversity!

This university takes HUGE pride in our diversity. We believe that the things that make you different are the things that make you special. Rutgers is an incredible place to be yourself and to stand out.

15. Who are we kidding, you’re gonna miss EVERYTHING!

There is nothing about this school that I won’t miss when I graduate and I think that I speak for every student who goes here when I say that. Rutgers is unlike any other and we are all truly lucky to be forever Scarlet Knights.


What are some things you already miss about Rutgers? Comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: scarletmenus.com and dailytargum.com
Megan Bonner

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