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15 Things You Already Miss About Ohio University

15 Things You Already Miss About Ohio University

Whether you are graduating or just going home for the summer, here are some things you already miss about Ohio University!

Sadly summer break is quickly approaching and that means having to leave our beautiful home of Athens for 3 long, agonizing months. Becoming homesick from your home away from home is a big concern for any bobcat. Here are 15 things you already miss about Ohio University.

1. ALL of the amazing coffee shops

Whenever I need to study for an exam or have a big paper to write, I always venture to court street and find myself at Brenen’s, Court St. Coffee, or Donkey Coffee. Each coffee house is equally tasty, each having their own unique character.

2. Being a hungover mess, and not getting judged for it.

Lets be honest, we’ve all regretted a night out the next morning AT LEAST a few times. The best part about being hungover at college is not having to explain to your parents why its 4:00 in the afternoon and you still haven’t showered regardless of that funky smell coming from your hair/clothes.

3. College Green

Every time you walk through college green you’re sure to find something new. Being the heart of campus, people come here to lay in hammocks, tightrope, study in the fresh air and attend the many evens that are held here.


4. Chicken N Waffles

You wouldn’t think that chicken, syrup, waffles and bacon would be such a great combination.. but one bite of this magical sandwich and you’ll never settle for any other drunk food.

5. Dogs… dogs everywhere

Every time I walk to class I can always count on seeing at least 10 furry friends. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, the puppies around campus are sure to brighten your day.

6. The Boutiques

Athens being a small town, is very limited to clothing shops , however, Bluetique and Figleaf make up for the lack of stores and they’re always stocked up on cute date party dresses.

7. Beach Green on Sunny Days

When the weather is above 60º, south green is full of students having picnics, laying out and playing sports- my personal favorite is when people play fetch with their pooch.

8. Pizza Shops

Whenever I’m ballin’ on a budget, I can always count on 50¢ slice night at Courtside to hold me over. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing better than a buff chick pizza with a side of brew.

9. Friendly faces

Athens is known for its friendly and helpful environment. I always see people I know every where I go, from walking to class, working out at the gym, or at the bars on the weekends.

10. Recruitment

My all time favorite part of the year is recruitment! At the top of every hour for two weekends straight, College St is full of girls in heel and dresses, singing songs to mentally prepare themselves for the sorority houses they’re about to walk into.


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11. Fest Season

A whole season dedicated to house parties… magical and dangerous all at the same time. Also, the time when the Horse Cops thrive.

12. PING

Something about having a rec center with in walking distance is so much more motivating than having to drive to the gym at home. The endless yoga classes is the best stress reliever after a crazy week.

13. Jeff Market

Jeff market just opened this year, and is by far the best market on campus. With two coffee shops, a deli, and a juicing station.. it really couldn’t get much better.

14.  The Warm Gust of Chlorine Air by Walter

When you walk by Walter on a hot day, the gust of air that comes from the aquatic center is truly beautiful.

15. Obetty’s

Famous for their hot dogs and their worlds smallest kitchen. This place is literally has hotdogs everywhere you look and it’s freaking awesome.

What are some other things you already miss about Ohio University? Comment below!
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