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15 Things You Already Miss About Boston University

15 Things You Already Miss About Boston University

There are things I'm already starting to miss about Boston University! From FitRec, to shopping on Newbury street, hopefully break goes by fast!

As Thanksgiving break has just ended and winter break is only three weeks away, every student looks forward to coming home and eating mom’s home made meals and laying in their own beds. But after a while, home feels too much like home and you start to miss Boston and its bustling city life. The little things are the things you already miss about Boston University and I’m sure every BU student can relate to at least a few of these things!

1. Having free access to FitRec.

With a gym on campus that is easily accessible and free to all full-time students at BU, working out isn’t a difficult task. This luxurious gym offers classes and club sports so there’s always an opportunity to do some exercise during any day of the week.


2. Overcrowded shuttle buses…

Every BU student has taken the shuttle bus at least once. This shuttle bus runs on a
“strict” schedule and comes “on time”, and no student is left freezing in the cold with
their biology paper in their hand because the bus was too crowded. I hope you know
that I am being completely sarcastic, but the free BU shuttle bus has proven convenient at many occasions.

3. 4 Starbucks locations on Comm Ave.

There are a ridiculous amount of Starbucks locations within 500 feet of each other on
Comm Ave. Where else are you going to find four Starbucks all within a 10 minute
walk of each other?

4. Allston crawl!

Ah, the infamous Allston crawl. Allston is nicknamed “Rat City” for a good reason; on
any given weekend, you can find packs of BU students scurrying around looking for a
good frat party to get into.


5. Boston weather!

Boston has crazy weather; it can go from 65 degree and sunny one day to 30 and
raining the next day. But that’s why Boston is so great. You get to experience all four
seasons within a week, not to mention see the beautiful autumn leaves land at your
feet during the fall season.


6. Friends!!

It’s great seeing old high school friends during Thanksgiving break and winter break,
but at some point, you begin to miss your roommate and the friends you’ve made in
your numerous classes and on your floor.


7. The freedom that comes with college.

Great thing about going to college in general is the idea of no curfew, no asking for
permission to go out, and no “Where are you going”s, “Who are you hanging out
with”s, or “How are you getting there”s. You are free to do what you’d like, whether that
means going to T Anthony’s at 1 in the morning or walk to a MIT party in just a tank
and jeans even though it’s 45 degrees out.

8. Rhett walking around campus.

This cutie pie is seen walking around campus all the time with his tongue sticking out
and tail wagging. How could you not miss him?

9. Walking from West Campus to the SCI building.

A 20-25 minute walk everyday? It’s great exercise and forces you to be active. The
way BU’s campus is modeled, you will get your daily 45 minutes of exercise. It’s the type of exercise that you don’t get back at home.


10. Hockey games at Agganis.

Something about loud, obnoxious cheers, overpriced, salty vendor foods, and violent,
red-wearing guys chasing after a black puck with sticks can make you miss Boston


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11. The infamous painted rock.

All the frats do it: spray paint the large rock by the law auditorium. The smell of spray
paint will linger for weeks, reminding you of BU everywhere you are, whether it’s home
or in your dorm.

12. Newbury Street shopping!

Newbury Street is known for having a line of stores and restaurants; it’s a road of
heaven. Zara, Madewell, H and M, Shake Shack, pho, ice cream, you name it and
you’ll find it on Newbury. You start missing the easily accessible outdoor mall once you
reach home and you realize that the closest mall requires a 15 minute drive.


13. Power outages every other week.

Stable WiFi connection and power at home? It gets old, but at BU, things get changed up every couple of weeks with power outages where you need to climb up 8 flights of
stairs to get to your dorm, WiFi is not available, and phones cannot be charged. Ah,
sometimes you can’t help but feel nostalgic about those days with power outages.

14. Late Night Kitchens at Warren and Marciano Commons.

Cravings for grilled cheese or salmon can get real late at night, and the only place that
comes to mind are the Late Night Kitchens of BU. Warren serves some good
home style food and smoothies while Marciano Commons serves more gourmet food
like Korean BBQ wings and miso salmon. These midnight cravings can only be
satisfied on BU campus, and that’s what makes BU so special.


15. Going to school!

Laying around in bed and watching too much Netflix is the ideal way to relax, but going
to school and sitting in tough, but awesome classes at BU is what makes many miss
BU. With majors that some schools don’t even have, the number of interesting, out of
the box classes is incredibly high.


What do you already miss about Boston University? Comment below and share the article!
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