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7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

Summer is almost over which means a few people will be heading back to the hallowed halls of academia. If you’re still a student this list is for you. Below are seven items you absolutely need in your backpack. They’ll come in handy on many occasions. 

1. Chargers

This one is a no brainer but oddly enough it’s one people typically overlook. It’s impressive how quickly electronics go dead when you need them. Whatever electronic you take to school with you make sure you have a charger for it. 

2. Headphones

You’ll want to make sure you have headphones specific to your backpack. They don’t have to be fancy, in fact the cheaper probably the better incase of possibly misplacing them. Headphones will help you keep your sanity during a rough day that you just want to end and help you to study quietly in the library. Plus there will be a few classes that require you have headphones. They’re an important item you’ll want in your backpack. 

*7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

3. Eyeglass Cleaner

This might be specific to certain students who are visually challenged. Having an eyeglass cleaner can be the difference between seeing the board and seeing blobs. While you may be inclined to use your shirt that will only ruin glasses which means more money to spend that you don’t have. Make sure when you leave your house you have at least one rag dedicated to cleaning your little friend. 

*7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

4. Jump Drive

You’ll be surprised how useful a jump drive can be. For instance some classes are specifically in labs, taking away your ability to use your personal computer. Or you could be working on a project that you want saved in a few places. There are few things on this earth college students fear the most than to realize they’ve lost a nearly completed paper. Jump drives are the backup everyone needs in their backpack. 

*7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

5. Spare notebook

While you already carry enough in your backpack already to find this suggestion ridiculous hear me out. If you don’t already have a planner carrying a spare notebook can save your organization skills. For instance if you want to jot something down that isn’t specific to one class this notebook is perfect. Sometimes notes can eat up important dates and information. A spare notebook will help you know where everything is even if you aren’t organized yet for an actual planner. Also this ensures you always have paper on you. 

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*7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

6. Spare Cash

College campuses can have random people selling random, wonderful things at any given moment. Don’t find yourself going home empty handed because the artist you want to buy from can’t accept cards. Plus carrying cash on you in general is always a good idea. Or you can ditch your card entirely while on campus. Spending money on food on campus might be tempting and easier to justify when you don’t actually see it disappear from your wallet. Forking over cash will help you to second guess those impulse purchases. 

*7 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Backpack

7. Makeshift First Aid Kid

You don’t necessarily need the jaws of life in your backpack but it’s always important to be prepared. Long days in class can lead to headaches, papercuts can ruin your day and nothing is more annoying than a cough that just won’t go away during a lecture. Always be ready for anything by preparing your own first aid kid. Compile together a few items you think you might need and keep it in a separate compartment of your bag. Future you will think present you for thinking ahead. 

What backpack essential do you always have on you? Comment below!
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