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5 Things You Absolutely Need From Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line This Summer

R&B queen Rihanna has been taking the beauty world by storm in the past year as she went from performer to entrepreneur, with her SavagexFenty underwear collection, newest fashion line and exquisite Fenty Beauty makeup line, which has gone from strength to strength since first launching in 2017, and we’ve got you covered in what you need from Rihanna Fenty Beauty this summer. 

For Rihanna, Fenty Beauty had a vision. Inspired by women of all shades, attitudes and cultures, the brand has become popular and well known for its broad diversity for all types of women and all types of skin tones. Riri has built her brand into something wonderful in the last year, and frequently posts her own little makeup clips on Twitter and Instagram stories for fans to watch first hand! 

Last month, Riri announced her latest launch with the brands summer collection and with summer fast approaching, we’ve picked 5 things you absolutely need from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line this summer. 

1. Body Lava Body Luminizer

The number one thing you absolutely need from Rihanna Fenty Beauty this summer is body lava. Golden in colour, you can use this gel-based body luminizer to make your skin quite literally sparkle in the sun. With a beautiful dewy, high-shine finish, this is THE Fenty Beauty product you absolutely  for radiant skin all summer! With Body Lava, your skin will keep your holiday glow all summer long! 

2. Gloss Bomb

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty signature lipgloss is a make-up bag staple, and something you absolutely need from the line this summer. It will give your lips the perfect shine all season, leaving them dripping in luscious rose-coloured nude. Gloss bomb feels as good as it looks and leaves your lips with the perfect glossy finish, with beautiful with warm undertones and a sizzling pink and gold sparkle overall! 

3. Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick

Another thing you absolutely need from Rihanna Fenty Beauty new ‘Poutsicle’ juicy, satin based lipstick. It comes in three bright popsicle style colours, and is the perfect, bold colour to make your lips stand out from the crowd this summer. Extremely creamy and with an amazing touch on your lips, our favourite colour pick is “Sun Snatched’, a blazing fiery hot orange shade that is absolutely guaranteed to start your summer in style.

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4. Baeside/Baecae/Baewatch Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trio

These new vivid eyeliner trios are one of the best Rihanna Fenty Beauty products you can own. Add a pop of colour to your look with these three limited edition eyeliners come in bright electric pastel shades that are just perfect for partying. Pick your favourite colour and mix up your typical black winged eyeliner look with out-there neon colour and feel like you’re partying and dancing the night away in Ibiza wherever you are! 

5. Pro Filt’r Insant Retouch Setting Powder

Once you’ve got all your essentials, you want it all to stay in place. Therefore, a key thing you absolutely need from Rihanna Fenty Beauty this summer is Pro Filt’r Insant Retouch Setting Powder. Keep your makeup looking stunning all summer with this soft and silky, loose setting powder. Specifically designed by Rihanna to perfect and extend makeup wear, for that filtered, photo-ready finish. Available 8 different shades, you can match your skin tone perfectly to this powder for flawless skin let your makeup last all summer long! 

If we’re completely honest, there’s probably more than 5 things you absolutely need from Rihanna Fenty Beauty this summer. If we could pick, we’d have it all. All items in the line are 100% cruelty free and are available for purchase on the official Fenty Beauty website, Sephora and Harvey Nichols in the UK!

Got a favourite Rihanna Fenty Beauty product? Let us know in the comments!

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