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10 Things You Absolutely Need For A Girls Trip

10 Things You Absolutely Need For A Girls Trip

10 Things You Absolutely Need For A Girls Trip

As girls I think it’s fair to say that we are notoriously known for overpacking and exceeding the baggage weight. If you’ve got a girls trip coming up I’ve got a quick rundown of everything you will need to avoid paying those extra fees for overweight baggage.

A Little Comfort Pack


  • Headphones
  • Ear plugs
  • Eye Mask
  • Blanket
  • Neck Pillow

For your girls trip these are your go items for feeling refreshed and ready for your trip. Whether you’re travelling on a bus, plane or train, may it be 3 hours or 14 hours – being comfortable is key. Ear plugs (brightly coloured make them easy to find) and eye mask are essential if you’re a light sleeper. If you’re travelling light on your girls trip – you should invest in a blow-up pillow. Take up no space when deflated and they still make your travel cat naps just as comfortable. Don’t forget the AC can make you feel like you’re in the arctic so make sure you have a travel blanket or pashmina – they come in handy when you’re trying to get a few hours of shut eye.

Lets Get Technical

10 Things You Absolutely Need For A Girls Trip


  • A Decent Camera
  • Headphone Splitter
  • Travel Map App
  • Battery Pack
  • Adaptors

A go to for those perfect snaps on your girls trip is a GoPro – they’re perfect travel size and even better quality. Wide lens selfies and underwater shots will make your girls trip memories last forever. We all have that one friend that has got that quality playlist – this girls trip make sure you’re involved. Secure the seat next to her, pull out your headphone splitter and get pumped for your girls trip.
Going to a new country is always a bit daunting, complicated tram systems, underground tubes and problematic road signs. On your girls trip take advantage of technology and download the Citymapper or City Maps 2Go.
Always using your phone on your girls trip can create some real battery problems – so make sure you invest in a battery pack before you get off.
The most essential item for your girls trip is an adaptor! You need to make sure you have a plug to charge it – have a quick google before you jet off and make sure you know what plug you need. Thankfully technology has come a long way and you can now get a 4 in 1 adapter to cover all adopter bases.

10 Things You Absolutely Need For A Girls Trip

Pack The Plastic And Get Organised

If you’re doing a lot of pre-booking make sure you have all your printed documents at the ready – they can get ruined on travel so make sure you have something to cover them. You’ll feel organised and look like a professional traveller too.

Keep Your Bag And Health Safe

We can all be a bit accident prone after a few drinks. Being prepared for the inevitable hangover, grazed knee or blistered toes can make you feel better on your girls trip. Antiseptic wipes, plasters and paracetamol are an absolute must for your girls trip. Companies have actually begun to cotton on to how accident prone us girls can be and have created mini-emergency kits. They have really helpful items like stain remover, hair spray, pain reliever and a mini sewing kit. An absolute must have for anyone that likes to feel prepared – you’ll be an absolute hit on your girls trip.

Care About Your Hair


  • Conditioner/Serum
  • Travel Hair Dryer and Straighteners/Tongs

One of the absolute musts for any girls trip is packing a hairdryer. Travel hairdryers are the best as they are small and still are as powerful as the big cyclone one you have at home. If you’re travelling somewhere hot on your girls trip your hair can get dry really easily so make sure you have a good conditioner or serum of some sort. You don’t want to be looking back on photos from 2019 with an 80s fro. If you either straighten or curl your hair everyday, I would suggest taking a full-size version of whichever you use most and a mini of the other so you still have options, but don’t have to bring a full size of both.


10 Things You Absolutely Need For A Girls Trip

Toiletries are an absolute no brainer. When you’re going on a girls trip you like to look your best and who doesn’t love a little after shower pamper? Moisturiser is an absolute MUST, if your girls trip is in a hot or cold climate your skin can go dry very quickly – so to keep that tan, moisture on up. Before you get off on your girls trip have a browse round for the best toiletry bag for you. Some of us over pack when it comes to toiletries so make sure this bag can fit all your needs in – no one wants conditioner over your new outfits.

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Minimal Make-Up

Don’t take a variety of foundation and mascaras – you need to be decisive on what you’re going to bring. If you want to get glam on this girls trip then bring your best products – just don’t over pack. Moisturising foundation is great for day time wear! We all have different skin types so make sure your skin care routine before you venture off on your girls trip is up to scratch (minimising any surprises popping up).

A Comfortable Pair Of Trainers

No matter if you are your girls aren’t avid walkers or hikers – a comfortable pair of trainers is always essential for a trip. Yes you’ve brought your first aid kit but you don’t want to be using all your plasters for blisters from your new sneaks.

A Good Bag

You need a good sturdy bag for travelling. Compartments are great – I swear by rucksacks but if you’re more of a handbag girl then have a browse around. But Osprey Rucksacks are very reliable. Splurge a bit – you want something long lasting and dependable.

A Great Book/Kindle

Packing a good book is a good back up if your signal goes or if your a bit of a book worm. Also just on the book talk – keeping a diary is a wonderful way of remembering experiences – because there will probably be too many to fully remember, so keep a diary to hand.

With these 10 essential items packed you are guaranteed to have the perfect girls trip.

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