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5 Things Women With Perfect Nails Always Do

5 Things Women With Perfect Nails Always Do

Perfect nails have never been easier to achieve with the help of this handy guide. Continue reading to discover the 5 incredibly simple things women with perfect nails always do.

1. They Keep Their Nails Clean

One of the simplest and quickest ways to quickly get perfect nails is by regularly keeping your nails clean. Just like you wash your face and brush your teeth on a daily basis, you should clean under your nails every day, too.

Even if you’re wearing nail polish, try to keep your nails clean for optimal growth and strength. To clean your nails, all you need is a nail brush, and some mild soap and water. Keeping your nails clean will help to stregthen your nails, and also promote nail growth!

5 Things Women With Perfect Nails Always Do

2. They Always Apply A Top Coat

Another way to help you get perfect nails is by always applying a clear, top coat. A good top coat of clear polish will instantly make your nails look shiny and strong – even if you’re going polish-free, a swipe of clear polish will instantly make your nails look more put together and clean.

When wearing polish, it’s important to remember to apply a top coat as it can extend your manicure, and keep it looking fresh for longer. A good clear polish, to use as a top coat, is the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Clear – we love this one as it dries quickly, and it’s super affordable!

5 Things Women With Perfect Nails Always Do

3. They Push Back Their Cuticles 

In order to get perfect nails, remember to push back your cuticles on a daily basis. Cutting the delicate skin around your nails can lead to an infection. Additionally, once you’ve trimmed your cuticles, they tend to grow back quickly and start to fray if you don’t trim them again.

Pushing back your cuticles is easy, and it takes no time at all – wash your hands with warm water, get a towel and push back your cuticles. Pushing back your cuticles will prevent them overgrowing and keep your nails looking healthy and strong.

5 Things Women With Perfect Nails Always Do

4. They Don’t Pick At Their Nail Polish 

Picking at your nail polish when it starts to gradually flake off can be incredibly tempting, try to refrain from this and just remove it with nail polish remover. When you pick at the polish, you also remove the top layer of your nails, which causes them to thin and weaken. Additionally, a tiny chip is probably only noticeable to you, but an entire hand of picked-off polish is harder to hide.

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Furthermore, try not to bite your nails as doing this can also result in similar consequences. If biting your nails is a real issue for you, you can buy a solution that can be applied onto your nails (like a top coat) to prevent you from nibbling on them.

5 Things Women With Perfect Nails Always Do

5. They Wear Gloves While Doing The Dishes

The final step in achieving perfect nails is by wearing gloves whilst doing the dishes, and other household chores such as cleaning your living space. Liquids such as hot water, washing detergent, bleach and washing up liquid can really dry out your nails, and your hands, So, when you’re doing this dishes or cleaning the bathroom, wear some rubber gloves before you get to work.

Additionally, you could try mixing some oil with your favourite hand cream, and apply it your nails and fingers before you put on the gloves – it’ll be like a mini spa manicure!

5 Things Women With Perfect Nails Always Do

Which of these tips, for perfect nails, helped you? Give us your tips in the comments below!

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