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15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

Knowing the things women want in bed can be so important to your relationship. Here are the top hot things ladies like in their sex life!

When it comes to the bedroom, sometimes women want something different. The hard part is that sometimes you never know what it is that they secretly want you to do. Don’t worry, we did the hard part for you, here are 15 things women want in bed.

1. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to foreplay

This is a crucial step that sometimes is overlooked, for the sake of getting down to business. Truth is even before you dive into that tasty pie, you have to willing to bake it first. It’s the same when it comes to sex, your woman wants to be turned on before actually doing it. Plus, this can help to build up the sexual tension, making the encounter later hotter.

15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

2. More variety when it comes to positions

Routine can become boring after awhile. Think of it like eating pizza everyday, soon your going to grow tired of it and want something else. It’s the same thing when it comes to sex. So why not spice it up and throw something in? Who knows, you guys might like one or two of the new positions you try.

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3. Go down on her

I can’t stress this enough, please go down on your women! Its insane how many times people will avoid doing this, because they feel that they will embarrass themselves. Don’t worry, your lady will guide and instruct you on how they want to be touched.

4. Take your time

Hit the pause bottom on rushing into the act of sex, and spend more time exploring. Doing so will help you figure out where your partner likes or doesn’t like being touched. Helping you in the long run of being intimate together.

5. Eye contact

Expressions change especially when the two of you are engaging in intercourse. Some women like locking eyes with their partner, because it can help turn them on. It also helps women feel more connected to their partner as their union becomes more intimate.

6. Getting kinky

Making sure that your partner is okay with it, try pulling her hair or even lightly spanking her. The majority of women love it when their partners have more of a rougher touch in bed.

7. Make it spontaneous

With how hectic people’s schedules have gotten with work, school, and social life it becomes hard to balance out everything. Even the thought of having sex can make them feel like its more of a chore then spending time with their partners. Break the mundaneness with some spontaneous sex.  Block out distractions and enjoy that ten-minute quickie.

 15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

8. Bring on the toys

With so many different options of toys, your sex life can never be boring. Try opting for something new every week to try on your partner. You never know what they might end up liking.

9. Rthym is everything

Getting into a comfortable position, and having a solid rhythm can help both of you to reach that needed peak.

10. We actually like it when your vocal

Ditch the whole no sound approach when it comes to having sex with your partner. When you moan it makes us feel good knowing we are pleasuring you.

 15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

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11. Having you play with the clit

Clit stimulation is one of the top things women love in bed. Paying attention to the clit can help make sex session go from good to amazing! Plus, your guaranteed to make her orgasm if you do.

12. Dirty talk

Skip the boring bedroom mannered conversation, and embrace dirty talking to your partner. It can help you guys to stay creative during your bedroom sessions.

13. Recreate the sexual fantasy

This might sound random but trust me women love when fantasy becomes reality.

15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

14. Kiss her

Even with a simple kiss can help to engage your partner on a physical level.

 15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

15. Make it about her

Need I say more?

 15 Things Women Want In Bed You Had No Idea About

These 15 things that women want in bed might seem pretty easy spot, but a lot of the times needs are overlooked. Why not try to change the tempo and see what it is that your partner wants? It’ll help not only to spice things up, but bring you closer together at the end.
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